My Art – what is it?

I Create ART from Crystals, talk about high vibe decor huh? Well the pieces I create are like a grid in that they vibrate a purpose. They are interactive in that you can remove the piece easily from a shadow box frame and meditate with it. You can cleanse the piece with sage or in the full moon, or you can set intention with it in the new moon.

I create commissioned pieces just for you. I also create pieces that are available at the Erstwhile Store 510 5th St Sioux City IA 51104. I will also be a vendor around Siouxland in some ART SHOWS. Look for me this Summer / Autumn

Pieces can be any size really, but mostly people like the 8x8s and 5x7s.I try to keep those size frames in stock. I can always order something specific. Generally frames are Black, White, Silver, and Barnwood. I use all kinds of Crystals and sometimes items from Nature. The Crystals are mindfully selected. These pieces are unique in that the crystals are saged over, and toned over with the tuning forks, candles are lit and intentions are set. There is alot of harmony and love in this work.

Pieces vary in price according to the crystals used and my time. They start at about $45 for 5x7s but again if I use, let’s say 10 Herkimers & Phenachites or Moldavites the piece could then be over $100. If I have nothing else I can create your piece in a week or so. If I need to order something or I have a few orders ahead of you it can take a month or so. Please keep that in mind when ordering for holidays and birthdays. Or check out what is already made, there might be just the thing you need already waiting for you!

Let’s create YOUR piece! Contact me here. Or Private message me FB Meg essence, or the Erstwhile Store Thank You!

Available. Ask me for Details
Left one is available. Ask me for Details
In Creation

What are Lythomancy Reads?

Lythomancy is the prophetic casting of stones. This is an ancient art. I have over 35 years experience with this art. I bring to it a unique depth of understanding the crystals from my years of Chakra work with them, along with clarity from divine guidance.

You can have a Lythomancy Read with me in person at the Ertswhile store. Contact to book your appointment. OR we can do a Lythomancy Read via FaceTime, Zoom, FB messenger. Contact me with a message through this blog, or Meg essence on FB for my number and further information.

$15 for 15 minutes Many reads are complete in 15-30 minutes.

Thank You! Many Blessings

Chakra Balance -What is it?

Chakras are energy centers within and around our bodies that are a bridge between dimensions of wellness. Emotional or physical dis-ease, stresses,trauma and things we haven’t let go of can leave residual dense or negative energy.
I help clear this energy, open and lighten up the Chakras, or bring down intense vibrational energy-therefore bringing balance to your energy system.
To implement my work; I use Sound Frequency therapy with Tuning Forks and Bi-Nural beats, Crystals, Aromatherapy, and my healing energy along with your energetic force to create a harmonious balance.
All you need to do is arrive wearing comfy clothes, lay down comfortably and relax.

  • right now, since I can not walk, I’m doing this work at my apartment. It doesn’t change a thing with the work. In fact it adds something to it as I have better access to my “ music”. I simply cover my couch for each client rather then the massage table. However I do have a cat. She stays away when people come over unless she knows you. I do hope to get back to doing it at the Erstwhile Store 510 5th St where I do my Lythomancy. We will have to see as now I have to perhaps prepare for Spine surgery this winter. I do ask folks when they come to my apartment for energy work to please keep it professional. An appointment is either 1 hour or 1/2 hour
    1 Hour Chakra Balance $60
    1/2 Hour Chakra Balance $30
    PM me on FB Meg essence

Earth Star Chakra

As Above So Below. Go to the center of your Earth Star. Connect with Mother Earth at HER core and at the bottom of YOUR Root system. Your root chakra is located from the seat of the spine to your roots coming out of your feet. You move through lessons experiencing you/your light body here on Earth. The Earth Star chakra welcomes you to go deeper, to your Mother core / Earth core. You are most likely working on and clearing through your first chakra, Root Muladhara. Perhaps you are transforming through and out from the Dark Knight of the Soul and have been enlightened; you are lighter from releasing so much heaviness/weight/pain.You are allowing yourself to create the path forward & move on to the Earth Star. There’s more to release. You will be lighter still. As Above So Below. You will have acquired more knowledge; and so too-responsibility. Enjoy the Journey. It’s amazing; even though it may begin with another kind of Dark Knight.

Crystals for Connection to Earth Star: my Soul Stone is Garnet and Garnet is extremely useful for this journey. You will be transitioning out of red color stones. & into darker and darker stones reflecting Earth Root Nourishing rich dark soil, and mineral, with water and fire…Labradorite is a great stone,Larvikite, Blue Tiger Eye, Tourmaline, Obsidian, Hematite, Orthoceras, Petrified Wood, & clear Crystal. Meditate in nature.

The Higher Heart

The Higher Heart has really made an appearance; as current times has catapulted many fully into the 5th dimension! Higher Heart is where the spoken word resonates, and the use of sound resonates from here within the etheric body which has a powerful healing effect. This effect allows us ( if you allow the powerful healing through it ) to speak to all with love and compassion. The Higher Heart is a Higher Love which connects us to the emotions of Divine love, compassion, truth and forgiveness, with the area where language originates, allowing you to speak from the heart. You also will be communicating with Angels and Spirit Guides much easier!

If you are a healer, it is absolutely necessary to have another healer work with assisting you to ensure or validate that your Higher Heart is open. You can NOT reside in or work out of a Higher Heart if you haven’t worked with releasing your own trauma. Work to assure your Higher Heart is open and cleared. Especially now, with this Higher Transition the world is moving through! The Higher Heart supports your immune system; as it is the Thymus Chakra. When Cleared and Opened, it allows the Divine to easily flow through you to others. When your Higher Heart is open you will best be able to discern the boundaries of healing and won’t take on the dis-ease of those you work with. You won’t be drained or tired when you work. You will learn the healing energy flows through you, it’s not from you.You will have a Higher knowledge and awareness of when to lovingly let go of a client if they are not yet ready to do “ the work”.

4 Things that block the Higher Heart Chakra.

  • Feeling unworthy.
  • Mistrusting your magnificence
  • Mistrusting your feelings.
  • Not Knowing Your Purpose

The opening to the Higher Heart chakra begins when you recognize that personal power can only get you so far. You come to where you recognize that there is more to life. You begin too long for connection to something higher than the limited time-bound separate sense of self.

Green Fluorite

Use Green Fluorite, Apophyllite, Rose Quartz or any Pink Green or Blue Crystals that utilize Light.

More tomorrow!! Love You

Transformation of Chakras

I don’t work with Chakras the same way NOW as I did in the 90s, the 80s the 70s or even 2 years ago!

The Chakras are shifting again. Chakras are loosely described as the 7 energy centers of the body that turn like a wheel. Chakra is in fact “wheel” in Sanskrit. Each Chakra has a color, a sound frequency, and a meaning; along with its placement along the body from below the feet to above the head. When people learn this information they feel it is finite. It isn’t. Wheels turn. Everything changes. So do the Chakras. The swirling energy of light, & frequency is changing again. The world changes. The more people become enlightened, as social issues explode, as a pandemic becomes a vision in the rear view, the Chakras change too, the energy transforms.Therefore, those of us working with our own Chakras, or those of us healers who help others move their Chakras has to be very intuitive in how we work with those changes as well!

For me it’s easy. Not only do I have over 50 years of experience but I’m lucky in that I can see auras, see the thread of colors, hear the subtle changes in sound /frequency. The Chakras operate like the Kundalini-the energy doesn’t just turn, it spirals up and down the spine. Right now there are 15 Chakras visible!!! I’m going to briefly name the others here: 8-Higher Heart. 9-Earth Star. 10-Earth Core. 11-Universal Mother. 12- Solar Star. 13-Universal Father. 14-Atomic Doorway. 15-The Galactic Arena

In my next post we will start with information about awakening and working with your Higher Heart!

Blessings Be Love you!

What Is This Shift!? A FREE learning experience

Hi all! Blessings Be! For those of you who are not familiar with me my name is Margaret Bishop, Meg. I have been a Metaphysical Journeyman with multiple certifications and experience for 50 years. I am a MYSTIC. I am an ENERGY and LIGHTBODY HEALER through the medium of the CHAKRA system. I use CRYSTALS as a tool for healing in my CHAKRA work, as a LYTHOMANCY READER, in MEDITATION, and in GRID WORK. I create LIVINGART and GRID ART using crystals; which can be personalized for you representing your journey. I am a certified HEALING SOUND therapist using TUNING FORKS and recorded BINURAL beats. I am a certified Aromatologist & Aromachologist.

YES, these services are all offered to you! I am available in a wonderful space with other authentic mystics and healers at ERSTWHILE STUDIOS 510 5th St here in Sioux City Iowa. HOWEVER, I can’t be there in physical form for awhile. I am on another spiral up 🌀 in MY OWN HEALING. I’m emerging from another DARK NIGHT of the SOUL experience, and into another KUNDALINI rising experience; as I start a “ to the bone” deep physical healing journey. The WOUNDED HEALER comes to you with awareness and compassion through direct experience and empathy.

The Dark Night

I believe traveling along on my journey can help you with your own. First you will know you are not alone. You will also see that although AFRAID, you know what you need to do, and that it is required to DO IT anyway. You will see that everything comes down. Everything falls apart. Nothing seems real during the DARK NIGHT. This is the time of deep desolation of your soul. You simply must go through it. Then you will see that a DARK NIGHT evolves into a profound KUNDALINI experience. A KUNDALINI experience is THE AWAKENING after the dark night of the soul. A KUNDALINI experience turns knowledge into wisdom through experience. Then we desire to use our wisdom and compassion in the service to others. We are SHIFTED into fantastic and emerging new energies. A KUNDALINI experience spirals us DEEPER into EARTHS; and our physical CORE-while our metaphysical and SPIRITUAL energies spiral us up into the higher dimensions, into the DIVINE realms. This is the time of ASCENSION. DARK NIGHT, KUNDALINI, ASCENSION.

Kundalini Rising

NEW qualities / attributes=Evolving, Unfolding Lessons-some as they emerge. So we BEGIN on this NEW STEP together. Starting with the first Chakra. In Sanskrit it is called Muladhara. This is your ROOT Chakra. This is where these 3 major experiences begin!

While in the Dark Night,I recommend you be with any of the dark earth crystals. Obsidian, Hematite, Jet, Black Tourmaline, Shungite, Onyx, and Apache Tears. This is a link to a wonderful meditation! So – let’s share our experiences. Are you going through any of these experiences?

While I’m home recuperating and doing the difficult work to heal well for months following surgeries, please FOLLOW along! I will still offer LITHOMANCY READS live and private via Messenger or iPhone video chats. $15.00 for 15 mins I will still CREATE LIVING ARTWORK and GRID ART for you to commemorate a specific part of YOUR journey. Prices vary due to size and crystals used. Payments can be made through Venmo. Follow me and contact me and share here through my blog Meg essence on FB & Instagram

Where went November?

So November is only 3 days now? I feel like it was the Full Moon, the election and then Thanksgiving. Now Dec 1 is the next Full Moon,this one in Gemini. Nice! Relating / Creating & Building Relationships. Communications. Words.Speaking ones Truth. Listening. Music. The Written Word. Stories.Theatre. Try to find ways to incorporate ALL of that into your daily lives and enjoy it!

My son, a Gemini, loves words. As he grew up, he surrounded himself with and immersed himself in theatre for about 20 years! He’s got quite a talent. In theatre he found one of his best ways to communicate and express himself and enjoyed the profound relationships of his theatre family! Now he has a wonderful job with wonderful people that appreciate his work in-yep, Communications and Relations! I admire how he found his way to live his best work, his best life~which is still evolving. This Full Moon, the grid I make will be in Tony’s honor to express gratitude and celebration for his promotion and continued success at his work! Love You Tony! I think it will look something like this.

TEA & TAROT is Tuesday Dec 1 at Erstwhile Studios LLC 510 5th St 5-9pm Come on in and enjoy a Lythomancy Read, or book a “mini” Chakra session! Gift Certificates available. And shop the store! It’s gifting season! I’m also at the store Thursday’s 5-9 I also do crystal artwork, grid art, living art, custom pieces. Let’s chat about creating your unique art piece with a purpose! See you soon. Happy Holidays!!

Experience Authenticity

Every Thursday 5-9 pm I am at Erstwhile Studios 510 5th St. I offer Lithomancy Reads $15 for 15 minutes. Lithomancy is the prophetic casting of stones. Have a question; at a crossroad perhaps?A well read Lithomancy read can offer some guidance. I offer Chakra Balance/Lightbody work which always includes Aromatherapy, & Sound Frequency Therapy with Tuning Forks, along with my highly evolved and very effective energy work. $30 & $60. I am a Certified Aromatologist, Aromachologist, Aromatherapist, Certified Sound Frequency Therapy Level two and I’ve been working with crystals and energy work for 47 years. I’ve worked in New York City. Paris France, Las Vegas NV and here! It will be amazing to work with you. See you soon. Thank you and many blessings!