The Shift (after the blood moon)

family-web (1)Hi ALL! Many blessings.I invite you to share of your stories,changes,shifts in energy in the comments or testimonial sections of this blog! Also,you are invited to glance through this blog,you may connect with some interesting information.SO.. a huge shift was expected,and that’s what we got! Structures collapsing.As the crumbling of foundational beliefs of all sorts fell / are falling-we are watching / experiencing the ascension right up and out of the ashes.We see it globally,around us,in our friends and family and in ourselves! Its frequency and vibration is a little weak at “new life” “new experience” new beliefs” seem to “bleep” in / out, super-imposed over life “as it was”-till the signal and receiver is strong, and then BOOM, the new becomes what is and bleeps out no more! Because of Shift energy and momentum-things transformed drastically for many; and although it may not be what you alone wanted,its better because its part of the whole.More and more people are receiving / acknowledging the knowing that we are all connected.Many have gained clarity in the previous months leading up to now, on what they wanted / needed to change within self.This time we¬†realized ( thru absolute necessity sometimes) that each must take the actions required despite fears,despite pain,despite not being able to see the outcome or control anything-action was required;AND to take that action even if you didnt trust-because we all of a sudden were “magically” able to HAVE FAITH-BOOM! ¬†So many of us has been through familial,financial,health,career,personal / persona / character transformations,some are miraculous! To sustain and hold this frequency and reach your next highest vibrational frequency please take action,please stay tuned in.Use breath and sound,and crystals for their very obvious vibrational connection to Earth and Stars.Continue to show loving kindness every day to yourself and others!

Now -please tell me more stories!