The Science Of Sound Therapy

Please join Meg Bishop for a fascinating class on the Science of Sound Therapy at Studio 83 on Sunday 4/29 1-3pm. Meg is a 2nd level certified sound frequency healer, a certified Aromatologist and Aromachologist. Meg has done and taught vibrational energy healing, sound frequency healing,chakra balancing crystal grid work,lithomancy and meditation for 45 years.In this class we will open with a group breath and toning meditation.We’ll discuss Psychoacoustics and the perception of sound. We’ ll go over the various sound therapy techniques such as BrainEntrainment, Pythagorean & Solfeggio tones, Overtones, Vibration, HZs, Frequency, Bi-Neural Beats, Sound Waves, Intervals, and some of my own new work on ” the Space Between”. We will discuss some of the different tools used in sound therapy; and I will demonstrate on someone using my Pythagorean tuning forks. I hope to share some of my joy and experience of sound frequency healing with you! I ‘ll see you there!

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Healing through Sound

Have you experienced sound frequency therapy with tuning forks? This relaxing, non-invasive technique is a beautiful experience that balances Chi, opens your energetic pathways which stimulates your immune system and can improve the body’s own ability to heal, reduces stress & anxiety, enhances relaxation & feeling of well being.

Tuning fork frequency is effective on its own, or when I combine it with my other healing modalities such as:

*Chakra Balance ( also utilizes crystals and essential oils )



*Crystal Grid work

I have over 45 years of experience. I am a Certified level 2 Sound Therapy Healer through Jonathan Goldman

I am a Certified Aromatologist, Aromatherapist, Aromachologist

Please see me at Erstwhile Studios 510 5th St Sioux City Iowa 51101

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$15 15mins