What Is This Shift!? A FREE learning experience

Hi all! Blessings Be! For those of you who are not familiar with me my name is Margaret Bishop, Meg. I have been a Metaphysical Journeyman with multiple certifications and experience for 50 years. I am a MYSTIC. I am an ENERGY and LIGHTBODY HEALER through the medium of the CHAKRA system. I use CRYSTALS as a tool for healing in my CHAKRA work, as a LYTHOMANCY READER, in MEDITATION, and in GRID WORK. I create LIVINGART and GRID ART using crystals; which can be personalized for you representing your journey. I am a certified HEALING SOUND therapist using TUNING FORKS and recorded BINURAL beats. I am a certified Aromatologist & Aromachologist.

YES, these services are all offered to you! I am available in a wonderful space with other authentic mystics and healers at ERSTWHILE STUDIOS 510 5th St here in Sioux City Iowa. HOWEVER, I can’t be there in physical form for awhile. I am on another spiral up 🌀 in MY OWN HEALING. I’m emerging from another DARK NIGHT of the SOUL experience, and into another KUNDALINI rising experience; as I start a “ to the bone” deep physical healing journey. The WOUNDED HEALER comes to you with awareness and compassion through direct experience and empathy.

The Dark Night

I believe traveling along on my journey can help you with your own. First you will know you are not alone. You will also see that although AFRAID, you know what you need to do, and that it is required to DO IT anyway. You will see that everything comes down. Everything falls apart. Nothing seems real during the DARK NIGHT. This is the time of deep desolation of your soul. You simply must go through it. Then you will see that a DARK NIGHT evolves into a profound KUNDALINI experience. A KUNDALINI experience is THE AWAKENING after the dark night of the soul. A KUNDALINI experience turns knowledge into wisdom through experience. Then we desire to use our wisdom and compassion in the service to others. We are SHIFTED into fantastic and emerging new energies. A KUNDALINI experience spirals us DEEPER into EARTHS; and our physical CORE-while our metaphysical and SPIRITUAL energies spiral us up into the higher dimensions, into the DIVINE realms. This is the time of ASCENSION. DARK NIGHT, KUNDALINI, ASCENSION.

Kundalini Rising

NEW qualities / attributes=Evolving, Unfolding Lessons-some as they emerge. So we BEGIN on this NEW STEP together. Starting with the first Chakra. In Sanskrit it is called Muladhara. This is your ROOT Chakra. This is where these 3 major experiences begin!

While in the Dark Night,I recommend you be with any of the dark earth crystals. Obsidian, Hematite, Jet, Black Tourmaline, Shungite, Onyx, and Apache Tears.

https://youtu.be/G-LjDTlHU38. This is a link to a wonderful meditation! So – let’s share our experiences. Are you going through any of these experiences?

While I’m home recuperating and doing the difficult work to heal well for months following surgeries, please FOLLOW along! I will still offer LITHOMANCY READS live and private via Messenger or iPhone video chats. $15.00 for 15 mins I will still CREATE LIVING ARTWORK and GRID ART for you to commemorate a specific part of YOUR journey. Prices vary due to size and crystals used. Payments can be made through Venmo. Follow me and contact me and share here through my blog http://www.crystalessence1@wordpress.com. Sagemeg62@gmail.com. Meg essence on FB & Instagram

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