Get ready to RECEIVE the New Moon with sessions, crystals and oils on 2/2 & 2/3!

Comment on your preferred time here, FB message me,call or text 712-204-1541

Sat 2/2/19 8:00am-1:00pm

Sun 2/3/18 1:00-4:00pm

1/2 hour 30 1 hour 60

*Attune your energy

Chakra Balance Oils,Crystals, Tuning Forks, Breath Work Meditation,Binaural Beat w Specific HZ Frequency guided by you / for your optimal experience.

1/2 hour 30

*Meditation-Crystals Sound Frequency.

15 min 15

Lythomancy Reading


*Stones-large or small raw or polished; pocket stones to collectors items,personalized grids, artwork.

*Custom formulas with essential oils in carriers; personalized and hand blended by certified Aromatologist Aromachologist


See you soon


FULL MOON on 2/18 Appointments will be available on Sunday 2/17 and Friday 2/22

Adjusting Repositioning

Hey!! It’s nice to post again! How is everyone doing? Have we come up for breath? Barely. We’ve all made it through a large part of winter enjoying the season! I just had a quick weekend with dear friends in an area I love. Their friend,Dave,opened his place to us to enjoy a VIP shopping trip; along with some specialties/hidden gems “from the back”. Thank you Cindy, Michael & Dave! Dave’s Rock Shop in Custer SD check them out on FB!

So I got some goodies. I cleansed, toned & meditated over them. They had Full Blood Moon energy on 1/21 & 1/22. I then adjusted and reposition them for maximum sustained energy flow.

I want to move some great rocks and crystals from friends places not located near this area to Sioux City and surrounding areas. These are excellent, cared for pieces, at the right price.

The first 2 photos are new displays-set as grids.

1) Moonstones (the bowl is deep). Moonstones raw, polished, peach,w/ a grid on the top layer;includes a couple of quartz, points, baby citrine points .The 2nd is an Amber, Garnet Smokey Quartz Grid

Look back later for other displays.