My Art – what is it?

I Create ART from Crystals, talk about high vibe decor huh? Well the pieces I create are like a grid in that they vibrate a purpose. They are interactive in that you can remove the piece easily from a shadow box frame and meditate with it. You can cleanse the piece with sage or in the full moon, or you can set intention with it in the new moon.

I create commissioned pieces just for you. I also create pieces that are available at the Erstwhile Store 510 5th St Sioux City IA 51104. I will also be a vendor around Siouxland in some ART SHOWS. Look for me this Summer / Autumn

Pieces can be any size really, but mostly people like the 8x8s and 5x7s.I try to keep those size frames in stock. I can always order something specific. Generally frames are Black, White, Silver, and Barnwood. I use all kinds of Crystals and sometimes items from Nature. The Crystals are mindfully selected. These pieces are unique in that the crystals are saged over, and toned over with the tuning forks, candles are lit and intentions are set. There is alot of harmony and love in this work.

Pieces vary in price according to the crystals used and my time. They start at about $45 for 5x7s but again if I use, let’s say 10 Herkimers & Phenachites or Moldavites the piece could then be over $100. If I have nothing else I can create your piece in a week or so. If I need to order something or I have a few orders ahead of you it can take a month or so. Please keep that in mind when ordering for holidays and birthdays. Or check out what is already made, there might be just the thing you need already waiting for you!

Let’s create YOUR piece! Contact me here. Or Private message me FB Meg essence, or the Erstwhile Store Thank You!

Available. Ask me for Details
Left one is available. Ask me for Details
In Creation

What are Lythomancy Reads?


Lythomancy is the prophetic casting of stones. This is an ancient art. I have over 35 years experience with this art. I bring to it a unique depth of understanding the crystals from my years of Chakra work with them, along with clarity from divine guidance.

You can have a Lythomancy Read with me in person at the Ertswhile store. Contact to book your appointment. OR we can do a Lythomancy Read via FaceTime, Zoom, FB messenger. Contact me with a message through this blog, or Meg essence on FB for my number and further information.

$15 for 15 minutes Many reads are complete in 15-30 minutes.

Payments can be made through Venmo or Zelle.

Thank You! Many Blessings

Chakra Balance -What is it?

Chakras are energy centers within and around our bodies that are a bridge between dimensions of wellness. Emotional or physical dis-ease, stresses,trauma and things we haven’t let go of can leave residual dense or negative energy.
I help clear this energy, open and lighten up the Chakras, or bring down intense vibrational energy-therefore bringing balance to your energy system.
To implement my work; I use Sound Frequency therapy with Tuning Forks and Bi-Nural beats, Crystals, Aromatherapy, and my healing energy along with your energetic force to create a harmonious balance.
All you need to do is arrive wearing comfy clothes, lay down comfortably and relax.

  • right now, since I can not walk, I’m doing this work at my apartment. It doesn’t change a thing with the work. In fact it adds something to it as I have better access to my “ music”. I simply cover my couch for each client rather then the massage table. However I do have a cat. She stays away when people come over unless she knows you. I do hope to get back to doing it at the Erstwhile Store 510 5th St where I do my Lythomancy. We will have to see as now I have to perhaps prepare for Spine surgery this winter. I do ask folks when they come to my apartment for energy work to please keep it professional. An appointment is either 1 hour or 1/2 hour
    1 Hour Chakra Balance $60
    1/2 Hour Chakra Balance $30
    PM me on FB Meg essence