Transformation of Chakras

I don’t work with Chakras the same way NOW as I did in the 90s, the 80s the 70s or even 2 years ago!

The Chakras are shifting again. Chakras are loosely described as the 7 energy centers of the body that turn like a wheel. Chakra is in fact “wheel” in Sanskrit. Each Chakra has a color, a sound frequency, and a meaning; along with its placement along the body from below the feet to above the head. When people learn this information they feel it is finite. It isn’t. Wheels turn. Everything changes. So do the Chakras. The swirling energy of light, & frequency is changing again. The world changes. The more people become enlightened, as social issues explode, as a pandemic becomes a vision in the rear view, the Chakras change too, the energy transforms.Therefore, those of us working with our own Chakras, or those of us healers who help others move their Chakras has to be very intuitive in how we work with those changes as well!

For me it’s easy. Not only do I have over 50 years of experience but I’m lucky in that I can see auras, see the thread of colors, hear the subtle changes in sound /frequency. The Chakras operate like the Kundalini-the energy doesn’t just turn, it spirals up and down the spine. Right now there are 15 Chakras visible!!! I’m going to briefly name the others here: 8-Higher Heart. 9-Earth Star. 10-Earth Core. 11-Universal Mother. 12- Solar Star. 13-Universal Father. 14-Atomic Doorway. 15-The Galactic Arena

In my next post we will start with information about awakening and working with your Higher Heart!

Blessings Be Love you!

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