About Crystalessence

Hi! Welcome to my BLOG and Website! My name is Meg. I am an energy worker and somatic healer.Ive done this for 43 years.I did this before i knew what it was or knew it had a name! I finally learned from Budhist Nuns that what I was seeing,and moving when I put my hand toward the colors,was a system called the Chakra system. I LOVE crystals as well! Crystals have a subtle energy field just like people and animals and plants.Crystals are living objects.They have a vibration, a measured frequency. When I combine the power of crystals with the subtle vibration of plant essences along with the harmonic frequency tones of the tuning forks, balanced firmly on Earth’s steady bi-neural beats; well my friends, you have a very profound, powerful and beautiful wellness experience!

My physical place,”ROCK WITH YOU” is located on historic 4th St in Sioux City IA
I offer Crystals & Rocks for Sale,as well as plant essences.I offer the services of Lithomancy (the Casting of Stones to read,guide), Meditation, Chakra Balance/Energy LightBody work, Somatics-Sound Therapy ( Tuning Forks, Bi-Nural Beats), Breath Work (Toning, Chanting),& Metaphysical Counseling.I offer classes on all of those topics.

I am originally from NY.My first husband, Alex Levene, along with myself, had Pyramid ltd on E 11th St.in NYC, from the end of the 70s through the 80s.Pyramid was quite the popular and often notorious salon spa of its time.We had a lot of fun, and we were honored to bring our unique style, gifts, and talents to not only our community,but to many celebrities in the music,fashion and art industries. I was a licensed Esthetician and Shiatsu masseuse. I began to formulate my own skin care essences and eventually went to Paris France to become trained and certified.The 80s ended dramatically. We lost many many friends to the AIDs and heroin epidemics.Then we lost our beloved neighborhood to the gentrification that began with the Dinkins administration.After fighting in the Tompkins Square Park riots,I decided it was time I stop fighting. NYC seemed like a constant war zone.We all fought hard for gay rights,Stonewall,and then fought AIDS,fought addiction, & health care and rent control,fought the yuppies buying up our neighborhoods,i didn’t want to fight anymore.
I became a Mom at 35 to Tony.Motherhood was my most joyous time in life. I began to understand how big and deep love can be!
At the suggestion of a couple of folks we knew in NY for awhile,my son and I relocated here to Sioux City Ia.in 1996. Folks here in Sioux City didn’t have much of an understanding or an acceptance of the kind of work I do, so my business has had to take many shapes and forms:and yet I am committed to the gifts, the work;and I shall remain so.My son is now a graduate of USD and I am happy to live and work in the downtown Historic 4th St area of Sioux City Ia. Thanks Sioux City! 20 years and still calling you home!

I am certified in the following areas: Aromatology, Aromachology, Aromatherapy,Sound Healing Levels l, 2

Contact me Sagemeg12@msn.com or on FB Meg essence or Megdelah@gmail.com for FaceTime or on comments with this Blog / Website. Please, leave your comments,share your stories or experiences or photos! Like and Follow this website for updates and info on events,sales and classes.
Thank you for coming! I hope you visit this website often and that I can inspire your journey and teach you something new!

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