New Moon 7/20/20 Come Home to Self

Ahhh a relaxing new moon in Cancer!! Relaxing-imagine that. Such gratitude for this new moon energy especially after all the intensity and those eclipses and retrogrades!

The New Moon is a time for new beginnings! Cancer is a water element ruled by the moon. The best crystals for this new moon will represent all three; Mother Moon,Cancer and Water. I’d like to recommend Chalcedony for the water element, as this stone vibrates to a very calming frequency. I can just hear the sound of the ocean as it moves in and out upon the shore. Chalcedony absorbs and carries away any negativity. I use Moonstones in every full moon or new moon grid, as Moonstones have such a magical transformative quality with them. They are so nourishing and sensual. They are the birthstone of Cancer. For the Cancer element, I love Carnelian or Red Jasper. They raise the creative energies, and bring one courage and mastery of skill! One can also choose Rose Quartz, Ruby, Star Ruby, or Emerald to wear or set in a grid.

May we all experience love, healing and many blessings!

Cancer New Moon Crystal Grid