Sound Therapy ( “In the beginning,there was the word”=tone/vibration )

alpha_eegThis picture is an alpha brainwave recording in an isochronic tone session.Energy in motion/Emotion.There once was a note,Pure and Easy,like a breath rippling by.There once was a note-LISTEN! P.T,The Who
What are Isochronic Tones? Isochronic tones are a sound therapy technique that is very powerful. Isochronic tones are regularly paced beats ( Bi-Nural beats) of a single tone; I use the Solfeggio frequencies,as well as the Pythagorean HZ frequencies associated with each Chakra for these tones. The frequencies used in this program are not only attuned to the Chakras, but also to the Earth… the isochronic tones progress along what are called theShumann Resonances. The Shumann Resonance is the magnetic frequency of our planet Earth. The goal is, to not only to realign your energy (Chakras) to the most harmonic balance, but also to realign you to a feeling of balance with the Mother Earth. Why Wait? Try this today! $20.00 1/2 hour $40.00 hour CHAKRA BALANCE,with SOUND THERAPY,CRYSTALS and AROMATHERAPY,CERTIFIED in all! Call, FB mssg,Txt, or e-me. Look for upcoming classes as well!alpha_eeg

TGIF!! BE in balance! ..and FREE STUFF YEA!

A couple had to cancel for today,SO your luck!  2 spots open at 4 and 5pm! What a way to start the weekend! Blissfully warm,relaxing,nourished,balanced from deep in your soul & out! First person  who books one of those times, receives a free 15 min Aromatique Reflex Touch Foot or Hand Massage w/my Pain Free Formula AND a free pocket crystal! artbalance3Call,Txt, e-mail or FB me!! What an awesome day!!

Anahata to Vishuda (Heart to Throat Chakra)

ANAHATA- UNSTUCK,UNHURT,UNBEATEN-This is the balanced HEART CHAKRA (#4) defined meaning from Sanskrit

VISHUDDA-PURITY,PURE,ESPECIALLY PURE-This is the balanced THROAT CHAKRA (#5) defined meaning from Sanskrit.


In our time of being within the HEART CHAKRA for February,clients/friends/beings have learned many facets of loving honouring,respecting ones self, being kind to self,one another,our community,our Earth,and Divine / God.What Im hearing,is that folks have become enlightened to how they “do” this ( as we relate to “do” rather more than “be” in our society )They have learned that through “positive thinking” and repetitious “positive thinking” slogans in the attempt to “pull up your big girl-big boy pants” and keep going, is what they are actually doing, is denying further enlightenment,growth, truth.We so dislike pain that we “do” pretty much anything to avoid it,push it down,get past it,ahead of it.Our society will use almost anything to “do” this,including but not limited to: medication,alcohol,drugs,food,keeping super busy busy,sleep,deny,avoid-pretty much anything because it then “looks like” “IM OK” on the outside. Being with your “pain”,and knowing that it is OK to feel – to grieve,to not know,feel uncertain,to feel like we are “wandering in the wilderness”,to feel sad,angry,abandoned,lost,loss,confusion,defeat,and so forth.Moving through the heart chakra we learn unconditional love.How can we love ourselves unconditionally,and love one another and indeed love God/Divine/Creator if we place the condition of no or limited pain upon that LOVE?

I also hear that it is a HUGE challenge to move through the THROAT CHAKRA of expressing ones TRUTH,when they dont know what that is.Wow-yea.Not only during Chakra Balances -but after there are many “exercises” that can keep you in touch with your developing, becoming more aware of,moving through your changing TRUTH,and expressing your true self.

Lets work on and through this together! Id love to hear from you and work with you.You can express opinions and open dialogue here in this blog as well. Blessings on your day!

Meditation/Toning and Crystal Workshops

chakra4MEDITATION/ TONING -Be with higher self,and one another s higher consciousness at MEDITATION and TONING circle workshops.All levels welcome from those just thinking they want to learn meditation,to those wanting to reach higher states of  conscious awareness with the addition of soul toning/projection toning.This is an 8 week workshop.Sessions will be offered 2xs a week.Sat mornings at 8:30,and a weekday evening at either 5:30 (providing a transition between busy workday and busy eve activities?) or 7:30?  FEEDBACK please,Thank you. I am open to hearing your voice so as to provide the most convenient time.These workshops will last 45 min to 1 hour. Anything that I list as guided,I am your guide,i don’t use someone else s pre-recorded tapes,or youtube; simply as a matter of awareness,not that there is anything wrong with that.Music and Bi-Nural Beats are pre-recorded.Some Bi-Nural Beats are created and recorded by me. Saturday Sessions  will begin Saturday March 14.

*week 1-Health Benefits of Meditation /  Meditation w/ Music  *week 2 -Various Meditation Styles/Methods and the benefits each style can offer / A guided meditation to Create a Sacred Space, *week 3-Beginning Breath Work and Toning / Meditation, *week 4-Toning and Intentional Projection / Meditation, * week 5 -Expanding on your Sacred Space Meditation / Meeting Spirit Guides, *week 6 – Guided Chakra Meditation w/ music, *week 7- *Chakra Meditation in a Crystal Grid, * week 8 Meditate **One does not need to be seated on the floor,if that is uncomfortable.There will be some chairs.You may come in work cloths or comfortable attire.You will be asked to remove your shoes.Bring a blanket,a pillow,or a matt if you wish.

** ALL 8  45 min to 1 hour sessions is $60.00.Payment for these sessions need to be paid in full on the first day of class.If this creates a hardship,please contact me to see if i can help in any way.  Saturday Classes will begin Saturday March 14th 8:30 am. Id like to,and most likely will offer the Saturday Classes at Dr Obbink / Manley Chiropractic in Morningside! I am so excited about this opportunity! The evening classes will be offered Northside at MegsPlace     **EarlyBird Discount!!!: Sign up,pay in full for either Eve OR Sat class sessions by March 7th PAY ONLY $50.00 -BRING AFRIND / FAMILY mmbr -Save even MORE, ONLY $45.00 each! Contact me on FB, or PM me on FB or Txt or Call Meg 712-204-1541,or email Can also contact me through this blog by leaving a comment.

** Look for classes on CHAKRAS and CRYSTALS starting soon.chakra4

Chakra * Meditation* Sound / Vibrational Toning

th (1)Good morning all!  Appointments are available this week: Wed 2/18 -4,5,6,7pm  Thurs 2/19 9am-3pm Fri 2/20 4,5,6,7 pm Sat 2/21 8am-2pm. Something for everyone! Why wait?

Some other things Id like to open dialogue about and Id love your posts, feedback,opinions! Three people asked me to be their “mentor”.They want to learn all about this “stuff” crystals,chakras,sound-how I put it all together.I have taught on Aromatherapy and Chakras at WITT and Briair Cliff (to nursing students) at business for staff appreciation,at Hospice,at the J.E.N. CC,and many other businesses here in Siouxland.I have been invited to speak ( and did so) in many surrounding areas such as Akron,Oneil,Onawa,Omaha,Sioux Falls etc.I have had articles written in the Journal about my work as well. Im grateful to have shared all I know-and didn’t mind doing it for a donation,thinking as I shared the info – it was marketing my business-people would understand,through what they have learned, to not be wary of using essential oils,to try Chakra Balances,to learn meditation,breath work,etc I was amazed to see how many “students” from those places where I taught for basically free,did start using oils-and then ordered oils on line ,all ready diluted and / or  joined multi-level marketing essential oil companies like YL or DO-T and started trying to sell it themselves ( not really working out well for the 6-7 ppl that I know are doing it.Mostly to get their own oils cheaper/free-which is really what I took away from sharing decades of knowledge-alot of which I paid thousands for: to learn everything from growing the minerals in the soil that help impart the plants natural chemical constituents that define/create its therapeutic  properties etc etc.-What I really took away was =people do not care about authenticity-they want to know how do i get it for myself cheaper-and how can i make money from it myself-thats what they need to know.A few other students decided they were so inspired they used what they learned from me and started their own businesses,or added to their own business.Good for them! However-the question is: do I teach this? Why? What can I charge? Most Reiki classes are at least 800.00 or more for an “intensive” ( a weekend) Chakra is not Reiki -but close to it.Id rather teach people then have them go on youtube for a bunch of -wow-who knows what kind of info.Someone saw on youtube that if they open their third eye chakra,they can let demons in (NO!!) So what are your thoughts.Id really like and need to make a sustainable living ,doing living being my calling-this work.Do I teach it? and why? Thanks Im off to my PT job that helps me somewhat to pay the bills and keep the cog churning,i look forward to your thought. and in the meantime -EXPERIENCE A CHAKRA BALANCE!! with Tuning Forks, and Crystals and Sound Therapy and Essential OIls.Its truly a beautiful experience.LOVE

CHAKRA BALANCE – Here’s what you’ll get!

th (1)Move through your daily pressures challenges. Gain and maintain inner peace! Become mindful and present.

♣ overcome wounds / life experiences that have left their imprint upon you,and can affect your current choices and relationships

♣ support others, without their problems affecting you.start with loving and honouring self

♣ develop confidence, energy, freedom and happiness
♣ feel good about yourself and life every day


1 HOUR -$40.00 YOU DO HAVE THE TIME AND THE MONEY:)! Im here for you!

Appointments available mornings,evenings,weekends,Call 712-204-1541,FB Meg essence,  e-mail

CHAKRA BALANCE – Here’s what you’ll get!

th (1)♣ move through your daily pressures and challenges & gain/maintain inner peace
♣ overcome wounds / life experiences that have left their imprint upon you,and can affect your current choices and relationships
♣ support others without their problems affecting you.start with loving self
♣ develop confidence, energy, freedom and happiness
♣ feel good about yourself and life every day LOVE LOVE LOVE


1 HOUR -$40.00 YOU DO HAVE THE TIME AND THE MONEY:)! Im here for you!

Thurs – Sat appts available 3,4,5,6pm SEE YOU SOON!!

After 12 days in a row of work @ Pearl Vision,and a couple of very long days,I am SO GRATEFUL to be doing MY essence work today! So grateful that a co-worker is back and recovering well.Blessings and love to to him and family as he moves through a very challenging time! Hes doing great! So happy I was able to help out and cover at Pearl! Grateful too for my boss Lydia,the Pearl Vision Goddess as she displays patience in all! She is so super great at what she does! I hope I can make her proud one day very soon; as I seem to / or feel like Im not understanding the process quickly enough.I am used to being knowledgeable,and giving excellent customer service,so I am moving through some anxiety about this at this time.Lydia assures me “you’re fine”.I really love it there and hope all works out well! How MUCH HEART-ANAHATA has been in play there in so many ways! Thank you SPIRIT for watching over us all! Thank you to Theresa and Doug who got me to and from work Sun & Mon. Well today is essence,our collective essence, from ANAHATA! How can we show more LOVE,more HONOUR, more RESPECT, more DEVOTION,more GRACE,how can we HELP more and more each day? SPIRIT within-guide us all to be more collectively loving in all ways-work through each and everyone of us to be a vessel of LOVE! I have LOTS of marketing to begin this week. I will be designing new cards or leave at those businesses who requested that info for sharing THANK YOU.In this time of creation please refer people here to my blog,and share my e-mail or #.I have appointments available Wed, Thurs,Fri, Sat 3,4,5,6-hours or half hours! WOW, awesome – SPACE, TIME, and HEART-CREATED for YOU to get on in here! Come see me! This EXPERIENCE is awesome and beautiful and powerful! REMOVE energy blocks from old wounds,revive JOY, HEART and HOPE. Learn to LOVE YOURSELF FIRST to then LOVE OTHERS BEST-learn to feel FEAR or ANXIETY and still COPE and MOVE FORWARD in more and more POSITIVE ways,so nothing stops you,dont squash your emotions,dont be ‘STUCK” feel them,validate them (because you LOVE yourself), learn from them and KEEP MOVING! I hope to see old hearts/souls and meet/work with new ones very soon! LOVE and PEACE!!