Earth Star Chakra

As Above So Below. Go to the center of your Earth Star. Connect with Mother Earth at HER core and at the bottom of YOUR Root system. Your root chakra is located from the seat of the spine to your roots coming out of your feet. You move through lessons experiencing you/your light body here on Earth. The Earth Star chakra welcomes you to go deeper, to your Mother core / Earth core. You are most likely working on and clearing through your first chakra, Root Muladhara. Perhaps you are transforming through and out from the Dark Knight of the Soul and have been enlightened; you are lighter from releasing so much heaviness/weight/pain.You are allowing yourself to create the path forward & move on to the Earth Star. There’s more to release. You will be lighter still. As Above So Below. You will have acquired more knowledge; and so too-responsibility. Enjoy the Journey. It’s amazing; even though it may begin with another kind of Dark Knight.

Crystals for Connection to Earth Star: my Soul Stone is Garnet and Garnet is extremely useful for this journey. You will be transitioning out of red color stones. & into darker and darker stones reflecting Earth Root Nourishing rich dark soil, and mineral, with water and fire…Labradorite is a great stone,Larvikite, Blue Tiger Eye, Tourmaline, Obsidian, Hematite, Orthoceras, Petrified Wood, & clear Crystal. Meditate in nature.

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