My apologies, I am cancelling this workshop / event.


The Science Of Sound Therapy

Please join Meg Bishop for a fascinating class on the Science of Sound Therapy at Studio 83 on Sunday 4/29 1-3pm. Meg is a 2nd level certified sound frequency healer, a certified Aromatologist and Aromachologist. Meg has done and taught vibrational energy healing, sound frequency healing,chakra balancing crystal grid work,lithomancy and meditation for 45 years.In this class we will open with a group breath and toning meditation.We’ll discuss Psychoacoustics and the perception of sound. We’ ll go over the various sound therapy techniques such as BrainEntrainment, Pythagorean & Solfeggio tones, Overtones, Vibration, HZs, Frequency, Bi-Neural Beats, Sound Waves, Intervals, and some of my own new work on ” the Space Between”. We will discuss some of the different tools used in sound therapy; and I will demonstrate on someone using my Pythagorean tuning forks. I hope to share some of my joy and experience of sound frequency healing with you! I ‘ll see you there!

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Healing through Sound Sun 4/29 at Studio 83

Please join me at Studio 83 on Sunday 4/29 from 1-3 to learn, & discuss the science behind sound frequency healing; and different types of sound therapy, including binaural beat, Pythagorean frequency, sound waves,intervals,Hz frequency and the areas to co-ordinate healing, and my own work/research in progress on ” the space between”. I will demonstrate on someone using the Pythagorean tuning forks tuned to Chakra HZ frequencies. We will also do a group toning.Call or sign up through Studio 83!

Love Peace Protection

So many are daily going through some really rough and life changing events! I hear you, my heart feels you. This evening during meditation; I am setting a crystal grid, burning sage,palo santo, blessed candles,while playing the 528hz frequency to send out this energy to all who need! I’ll be doing this from 9-10 pm, today, Thurs 1/11. Please add your name here or to my FB page if you wish energy waves of blessings to come your way!

Happy Solstice

Thank you nature for all the wonder, beauty,health,food,o2, water and life sustaining medicines you abundantly supply! Thank you Earth Our planet. Our home! Thank you SUN for giving us your life sustaining beautiful light, warmth & energy for free! Thank you Moon for your midnight gentle light & your dance with gravity.

Today we pause in the balance of dark and light! We prepare in this Balance with much gratitude and great joy the return of the light!! The return of the sun!

As most of you know I am home and really not well at this time; so unfortunately I will have to cancel this eves Solstice meditation. I await the return of the light along with my own bright shining self! And THEN there will be Sun,Moon and Goat cookies and much celebration!

I love you! Happy Solstice!☀️🌞

Full Moon 2 & 3 Chakra Balance

The Full Moon in Gemini 12/2 & 3. Each Full Moon is a time for

a) Gratitude-for the seedlings emerging from what was planted during the new moon.

b) Letting Go-of that which we no longer need.

Chakra Balance Appointments including sound frequency therapy / binaural beats & crystal grid-work are available with Meg during the New & Full Moons. Please respond here through my blog, FB, messenger or text/call for your appointment. $30.00 for 1/2 hr $60.00 for 1 hour. Gift Cards available.

This Gemini Full Moon is all about making that decision & TAKE ACTION! When you DO it will be like walking through the magical door in Narnia and a whole new EVERYTHING will occur,and will change your life FAWEVAaaaa ( that’s the NY spelling of forever)!

Gemini is Fun & Communicative & Inspiring and this Full Moon will transform your life,your way of thinking,if you take action.

The Sun illuminating the Full Moon, is in Sagittarius which is all about higher realms of knowledge, connections and finding the truth- and implementing it; its about shooting your arrow far and powerfully.

Put this together, let go of what you no longer need: perhaps doubt, indecision, worry, fear – choose, decide, take aim, and take action! Trust and let the magical transformation begin! Be inspired, get turned on, walk through the doorway!!

I hope to share the energy if this Full Moon with you!


New Moon

Every New Moon is a time for planting seeds.What are you wanting to bring to your life? What are choosing to bring to the table? What do you desire to “ show up” in your life? What do you want to create? Set your intention.Listen to your gut. What do you really want? Do you really want to know? Im so excited for the folks who have appointments this weekend! Enjoy this New Moon and follow your ❤️!

Look ahead and make your appointment for your Full Moon or New Moon Chakra Balance🌝🌙