Tues Eves Meditation changes

Hi all.Happy Halloween! Transition time! Time changes,season changes,energy shifts etc! I have a job starting as receptionist! I will be working Mon-Friday till 8:30 pm. From now through January I will be available for appoints on Sats. Also, Id like to keep our group going, and switch IT to Sats. We can start up on Sat 11/19.Im thinking 9:am,OR about 4ish? What do you all think? Please message me your answer via FB or comment here on the Web Blog. Thanks so much!


Crystal Grid Meditation tonite 7 -8pm.We will begin with “Space -Between” breath work and move into a “Letting-Go / Forgiveness” guided meditation. I cant wait to be with you all! Bring your own crystals if you like.I will have a grid set for us.

Chakra Balance / Energy LightBody work,with Sound Therapy, or  Lithomancy Appointments still available for this week/weekend $30.00 1/2 hr  $60.00 1hr

Please call or text 712 204-1541 / FaceTime, FB Meg essence / messenger / Twitter

Free Meditation group,Free 1/2 hour consultation with purchase of essential oil formulas,crystals,crystal grid kits,chakra bags,sage bundles,palo santos

Blessings Thank You Like / comment.


Freaky Full Moon Friday!

Good Morning,Thanks for reading! Happy Friday,Have Fun and….be careful? Tonights Full Moon will be big and bright,it will look like a super moon! AND we are willingly riding the freak train into crazy! YIKES LOL! Todays cast -which is through until Sunday,includes 3 fiery Garnets,a Cinnabar,a Carnelian,an Ethyrite Cobalt Bloom,and a Vanadinite,in the form of a serpent.This full moon Friday and tomorrow will be all about “me”. I am FIRED up,I know what I Want, I have a clear Vision,I see what I Desire! Im going to Do what I want,How I want,When I want,Where I want,and with Whom-and Damn the consequences! “Damn the torpedoes!”. There seems to be no standing down,so join in the crazy or hide out somewhere in nature on another dimension in meditation!

Don’t forget to cleanse and empower your crystals!

Appointments still available Saturday morning for Chakra Balance,Energy LightBody Work,Sound Frequency Therapy, Lithomancy. Or for a FREE consultation for essence custom formulas.Get yourself some CRYSTALS! They are good for you:)!

FB Megessence, 712-204-1541,  e-sagemeg12@msn.com


Tues 10 /11 Free Meditation 7pm

Good Day ALL! Cant wait to see you all tonite! I hope all can make it and perhaps a couple new?! Please let me know,via txt or FB msngr if you are attending this eve,so I know how many to set up for.Thank You. 712 204-1541.We will gather at 7.00.Meditation will begin by 7:10,by which time my phone will be off,so please set your intention to be on time.Thank you.We should be done by 8:00 with meditation.You are welcome to stay and chat,share your crystals,enjoy a refreshment till 8:30, if you wish.

We will be doing 3 types of meditation tonite. We will be doing Breath Work with a new meditation I wrote,bringing your awareness to still point-The Space Between. Then we will flow into TM meditation.We will close with a guided visual for Love and Kindness.As usual,Sound Therapy w/ Frequency,Resonance and Bi-nural beats will be playing softly.

I will have a GRID SET in the following pattern to expand awareness and Love & Kindness.Feel free to bring your own crystals if you like,or you can use mine.12472683_1026531340723751_7344494500942717776_n


Happy Monday 10/10

Thanks for reading!  The Cast includes Sodalities,Turquoise,Chalcedony, Azurites,Rose Quartz,Kyanite,Blue Aventurine.  Nearly all blue stones! A GREAT day to COMMUNICATE on all levels! Communication is honest, open, effective, flowing.With Divine Source / Creator.With Self / Inner Journey, knowing / owning your TRUTH and exploring the BEST ways of EXPRESSION.Speaking to others will flow very harmoniously. If you have a request,or need to confront someone to discuss difficult issues -today is THE day,as it will be very easy. Words will heal not HURT today.Anything that involves speaking , listening,writing,speaking in front of a group,teaching,acting,singing etc. ALL AMAZING TODAY! Have a great day!

Call or text me 712 204-1541,FB Meg essence for an appointment. Chakra Balance,Sound Therapy,EnergyLightBody work,Customized essence Formulas,Crystals

FREE MEDITATION TUES EVES 7pm -TM, Guided Visualization,Crystal Grid

Thank You LOVE!!

Friday 10 / 7 Energy Read

Good Morning! Thanks for reading! The Cast in todays Lithomancy Read includes (starting in front) Ruby Zoisite,Vanadinite,Moostone, Chalcedony,Watermelon Tourmaline,Lilac Lepidolite,Clear Quartz directional and Chrysoprase.Maintaining your creative individuality while grounding you in the essence of Earth.Tune into your Spirit guides,your angels.This will help to enhance HOPE ,sensitivity,and psychic ability to channel much needed love and healing to our lives , to others lives, and our Mother Earth.The Lilac Lepidolite is directed by the Clear Quartz to assist in relieving the great stress and anger people are feeling.If you meditate and allow the stress to be relieved, you will then hear the frequency of your guides, a truly unique resonance that aids a connection with the Devine Presence.The last stone Chrysoprase leads one to allow deep healing into the cells of ones physical being,( and The Earth ) which allows Divine Truth Real Joy and Abundance through Healing!

Get Out of the anger and the spiral of dark chaotic energy and stop.Meditate, Breathe,BE in Nature every day.Tune into the other energy,also right here (like turning a radio dial to different frequency).Allow true healing,of yourself,our lives and our Earth. LOVE

FREE Meditation on Tues 7pm-8pm JOIN IN

Call Text 712 204-1541,e-mail sagemeg12@msn.com,FB Megessence,Twitter

Appointments for Energy Light body Work,Sound Therapy,Lithomancy, Retail essence Formulas,Crystals,Sage Bundles,Palo Santos


Weekend Sale and Daily Deal

Good Day! I am a Certified Aromatologist Aromachologist and Aromatherapist since the 70’s. I use 2 different brands of strait essential oils,Amrita and Camden Grey,and BLEND them into a UNIQUE formula PERSONALIZED to meet your needs.We can choose essential oils and create a blend for the entire family; seniors, adults, children,even pets! You can have a signature essence created just for you! You can choose your type of carrier and delivery system as well; be it Grapeseed Oil in a Roll On, or Coconut Butter cream or a Rosewater/mineral water Spritz,or a Bath Salt. Combo Gift Bags,and gift Basket orders available through the HOLIDAY SEASON!

Your consultation is free! Give yourself at least 15 mins with me in person,on the phone, or FaceTime.Or we can communicate via text,messenger or e-mail.

THIS Friday thru Monday save 15% on any 1 blend

Call or Text 712-204-1541,email sagemeg12@msn.com, FB Meg essence.

Wouldn’t you rather trust a certified professional with decades of experience?

Many Blessings!

Good Morning! Tues 10 / 4 ENERGY READ

Thanks for reading! The Rhodonite,Rhodochrosite and Rose Quartz says JOY & HEALING through LOVE,Altruism.Great Compassion,Humanity. We embrace our power through heart healed wounds, and rise to our full potential.Garnet protects us,and assists us to act lovingly and swiftly on this plane  It represents primordial fire, the creation of the world out of chaos.The Prehnite and Green Calcite are stones of unconditional LOVE,enhancing psychic ability. These stones also lovingly “heal the healer”. To help usher in New Beginnings and Change as well as  soothe any anxiety are the Howlite and Moonstone.We never needed the Herkimer Diamond as much as we do now! To keep its pure white light,crown chakra energy flowing through all our chakras; from above to below.Herkimer Diamonds also have a crystal memory, accepting and retaining information which can be retrieved at a later time,I believe we are retrieving great love and support from Source /Creator right now! We also need the gift of the Herkimer to heal our environment!

I have Herkimer Diamonds available.Please call/text 712 204-1541 for an appointment to navigate,and be at your best to reach YOUR FULL POTENTIAL in these amazingly wonderful and powerful times.

LOVE,        Meg



Happy Monday 10/3/16

Good Morning Thanks for reading! Wow what an amazing group of stones for this read! The cast includes (starting front,left) Cuprite,Rose Quartz,Black Jade, Pyrite,Fire Opal,Watermelon Tourmaline Blue Calcite,Seriphos Green Quartz point. The rocks indicate that there is powerful Lifeforce,courage,physical strength and energy born of LOVE! One could say there is a power of Divine Feminine Energy.I also see, with this particular cast mix, that there is a frequency of ecstasy,at first produced by Kundalini rising up the spine literally igniting each Chakra and sparking a powerful union of creative energy with  expression of it. There is a love so deep,and a longing-the passions, the creation,the work is born of this longing. Healing,which will never have to be revisited again,is done through the power of this longing.The complete abandon of control, thought and self to this powerful frequency of Lifefore / Source, IS the frequency that flows and connects all throughout the Universe. THIS IS CREATION. Its as though a NEW AGE is being born today!

Whats even better is that as we abandon self to spiritual passions and creative life force and thus CREATE / MANIFEST -from the Ethers, this NEW AGE, we are PROTECTED! OUR Angels and our Spiritual “Body Guards” are surrounding us, protecting us and “cleaning house” so to say-behind us as we courageously forge ahead! Our Guides are clearing all negativity behind us!

The last stone -The Seriphos Green Quartz point says we will create an Awareness of Earth as Paradise,and a joyful acceptance of Physical Life and True Healing.

*Surrender / Abandon (holding on,rigidity,judgement old ways of thinking) *TRUST * LOVE * CREATE BLESSINGS ON ALL OF US as we forge

*wow, BLESSINGS on us all as we Co-Create a New Life for ourselves as Individuals / Families, or in Union,as Groups for a New Life for ur planet,or if you believe so-we Open and Enter into a New Dimension.

Please call 712-204-1541,text,leave a message. Make an appointment to assist healing and navigation through this time,or for your personal Lithomancy read.