Transitions & Navigating this Eclipse

Two days ago I wrote about TRANSITIONS. Along with this transitional time of year,we are experiencing the dark energy that is present before and during an eclipse;today August 31,and tomorrow,eclipse day, Sept 1.This energy can make us DOUBT all the hard work,changes,decisions and choices we JUST moved ourselves through in the last 4-6 weeks! Don’t buy into that and please don’t make choices based on the darkness enveloping us in these few days. Today I woke up at 2am feeling like all the work I’ve done on myself,with my physical health,my spiritual wellness and the like has been all for not. I felt as though I had come to the top of a mountain, only to be able to see the next peak I need to climb. Instantly I felt tired,weakened,alone,frightened and that all my previous work,has only led me to a spot where I now know -all there IS is more work,more mountains to climb;one after the next after then after….

So I got up and set a CRYSTAL GRID for energy and protection.I wanted to add stones for perseverance,and endurance;however,THAT is something I am working OUT of my life ( with energy work and therapy). To ENDURE is NOT something I need to do in my life right now. NAVIGATING that is often an unknowing-like I don’t have the co-ordinates,a map or the tools required,and wouldn’t know how to use them if I had them. Sometimes I feel endurance and perseverance ARE my talents?

ALL THIS that I am writing and you are reading IS indicative of this “dark force” energy of the day,these days.How to navigate,find direction? Follow the sun-light! Find the light.It will give you that sense of direction.The light is within you,and you are not alone.

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Have a blessed day!



Transitions,Beginnings,Endings. It’s the end of summer,we are now beginning to move into the autumn season.This brings much transition.Our experiences and feelings change. Our expression of self changes as well.Our experience of time changes,our diet changes,the colors of the season changes, and our reflection of that changes in how we color our lives.This can be reflected in so many ways such as a change in wardrobe,or home decor. We change. Our choices change.Our auric field changes too, along with all this, as a result. There are significant changes within us that we need to empower and embrace,desires and projects,or work we need to complete or begin.There are people,relationships,memories,emotions we need to process,and nurture,or let go of. We need to “check in” with ourselves and “clean house”.Transitional times are the greatest times to experience ENERGY LIGHTBODY WORK,or ALIGNMENT of YOUR SOUL. Make the choice to BE with your SPIRIT and commit to the journey.EXPERIENCE the ENLIGHTENMENT, the LIGHTNESS OF BEING, the LESSONS, the EXPRESSION, the WISDOM and PEACE obtained from this work.Give some time to finding the HARMONY and BALANCE in your SOUL experience,and the JOY in what you receive is Extraordinary!

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What is a Crystal Grid?

Hi! Hope you have a beautiful wondrous and awesome week! What is a Crystal Grid? A Grid is a pattern of stones that harmonizes subtle electro magnetic frequencies to network a synchronized power. This energy frequency can be sent out or absorbed,depending on the stones chosen and the formation.One can create a grid for many reasons,or just for fun or because it looks great.Usually thats a good place to start! After you get an array of stones and crystals,automatically, you want to “play” with them. As you touch them and sit them next to different stones you feel subtle shifts,interaction. You gain insight,and learn to listen (communicate) with the stones. You start with color and size and just “play” Then when you learn more about what the stones do you can,with intent and purpose, start to lay some grids for gratitude,for love,for peace and harmony,or for more energy or better sleep.Then you will continue to be guided and learn even more!

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A Little Lepidolite Lesson

A nice friend just got the lovely lilac lepidolite! Good Choice! I thought Id share with everyone some lessons on Lepedolites! There are Purple, Lilac .and Gold Lepidolites and Lithium Light Lepidolite which is Gold on a White Quartz matrix.The Lilac and Purple are a potassium lithium aluminum silicate and the gold and lithium light is the highest in lithium and contains an iron silicate as well. Many of us instantly feel the friendly, nurturing, calming, soothing, energies of these beautiful light and sparkly stones.You instantly want to reach out and touch it.The lightest lilacs come from Zimbabwe Africa.The Lithium Light was discovered in only 2008 in Colorado Rocky Mountains! The Lilac and Purple are great for releasing stress and letting go. They enhance feelings of humanity, love, peace, and serenity.They harmonize relationships and enhance open peaceful agreeable communication in groups and in groups working with projects. Couple with Rose Quartz for more peace and love,and to help heal the heart,and for those grieving after loss, or  pair with Amethyst to enhance sleep. The Lithium light has a soft,enjoyable current of energy,so comforting-it feels like you are wrapped in angels wings or bathed in spiritual light!.Increases higher consciousness,awareness.Also very soothing calming and harmonious! Get one of each today!