In this section, I will be adding some highlights from the educational part of our Meditation Workshop series Meditation@MegsPlace.

Health Benefits: Brain,Respiratory,Circulatory

Brings brainwave patterns to an Alpha state.Enhances the circulation system overall which enhances oxygen to the brain as well.Enhances memory,mental ability & function,increases clarity.Reduces Cortisol and Blood Lactate. Reduces depression,stress,panic attacks,anxiety,fears, phobias,anger.Increases happiness,ability to cope with daily challenges with ease.Enhances sleep,enables one to reach deeper stages of REM recuperative sleep.Alters pain perception,therefore reducing pain.Reduces workload of the heart.Reduces high blood pressure.Reduces free radicals and unstable molecular structures that can cause tissue damage.Improves flow of air to the lungs,enhances lung capacity and breathing ability.Lowers Cholesterol associated with heart disease.Slows the aging process.Enhances metabolism. Improves digestion.Increases feeling of vitality and rejuvenation.This helps the individual which,in turn,can help those around them.Meditation is the Medication!

2 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. Meg – I have been Zen meditation for a couple of years and am interested in expanding. I am open to the work you do.


    • Our Spring / Summer Tues Eve Meditation is due to switch to our Fall / Winter timeframe. I add a job on in the fall / winter ( as business seems to go down in the winter months) so I work as a receptionist till 8:30 pm weeknights.I take clients and teach classes Sats then. Last year, we went to Sat morning at 8 am. This year Id like to start a bit later in the day if possible.The 12th Im out of town,so Im hoping to begin on Sat 19th,10:00 am.Some of the Sioux City folks in the group asked for Sat afternoon-like around 3:30ish? So not sure yet of the time.May I let you know? Thank you


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