ANAHATA, Heart Chakra – 4th Chakra

6716c96176a86d0972a07b2df113c4f8 We begin this week with Anahata! Heart!

Your heart.How much pain do you hold in your heart? Any? How much anger? Regret? Jealousies? Any judgments? If you are holding these emotions that deplete you,why? What is it you gain-the pay off so to speak? If you say there is none,no gain,then let go.If there is a gain that reasons one to hold onto those emotions-then spend time looking into/being with that perception, and then choose if you wish to continue holding on for awhile longer or not.With chose,you have power-you seek wisdom.This is a way you can be within deeper parts of yourself-that you love as well.Recognize some of the gain is awareness,knowledge,wisdom.Most often those wisdoms earned,knowledge gained, insights and shifts in awareness are powerful transformations, and effect multiple chakras simultaneously-it takes as long as it takes to move  through it – and action taken and empowered from the third chakra will help you move through it. Move you must! Take action on coming from love-love self. Honour your promises to self.Say kind things to yourself.Be light.As you do -spread that out and keep your word/promises to others,say kind things to others.

I love & accept myself as I am.I listen to the heart and honour its loving connections to self and others.I free myself with forgiveness. I give graciously of praise and with kindness.I am open to receive love.What are some of your affirmations?Please, leave a comment:)

Crystals that are nice, and effective, when working with the ANAHATA = Heart Chakra can be Rubelite and Tourmaline,Water-melon Tourmaline,Rhodonite,Rose Quartz,Amethyst,Flourite, Malachite,Green Calcite,Aventurine,Jade, Bloodstone,Peridot.

HEARTSONG $15.00 now thru 2/2015 Open to your Heartsong with Geranium Rose Bourbon, Jasmine, Sw. Orange & Pink Grapefruit. Free Samples available with hour appointments: Pain Mgmnt,Germ Free,HeartSongs, L’essence Orange et Chocolat, Menthe Noivre et Chocolat.

I ll be returning calls,e-mails,and fbpm’s tomorrow Mon. 26th.I ll be at Pearl Vision today till 5.The 6:30pm spot for this evening is taken. Have an excellent day! LOVE! PS I made my first sale at PV yesterday YAYY!!

Good Day!

Id like to let you know the available appointment opportunities for the following week!

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Smokey Quartz Points

HPIM1184   Smokey Quartz points,actually may be a combination of Smokey & Citrine – a find! This crystal doesnt astound with speed,its rather gentle and refined.Used to enforce a powerful field of energy that will absorb many forms of negative energy from within ones self,and outer sources.ONLY $5.00 each!

Necklaces are &15.00 The smaller (bottom left) Red River Jasper “the Supreme Nurturer” is beautiful.The Flourite (Stone of Discernment and Protection) is pretty; purple to indigo hues.The Longer Unikite w/Jasper are unique and interesting-they are great for Re-Birthing-dispelling blockages from past wounds,and helping one understand the spiritual connection to ones physical imbalances /ailments and dis-ease.

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Taking action,maintaining forward movement with conscious awareness,intentional FLOW.

Affirm: I am courageous. I trust to let go and harmonize in flow.I am Joyful! I am free to make choices.I trust the choices I make. I trust my instincts~

Up early-coffee and reading and wishing my son well at the ACTF festival!

Then started my day with some physical therapy moves for hips,knees,pelvis,lower back.Drank up some sunny yellow pineapple, ginger water & some yogurt in the blender! Now for a walk around the building and a shower.Then off to work:)

I HAVE a 3, 4,and 5pm open tomorrow WED 1/21 TXT,FBPM me if you want a spot. 1/2 hour or hours.Have a SUPER day!  LOVE!!!

Happy Manipura! 3rd Chakra

fb80f26bc3795c9633602ac50b63a2eb  MANIPURA 3rd CHAKRA Your POWER source. Physically 2rd Chakra deals with digestion and kidneys -water.Converting food into energy.Hydration. Spiritually and Emotionally, Manipura enlightens us to issues of WILL,will power,strength,courage. How and on what or whom do we impose our will? To whom or what do we surrender our will. Also our instincts and how well we tune into our instincts.Joy and Enthusiasm especially when taking action to follow through on dreams and dream projects.The taking action for self in health and wellness matters.Balanced Self Esteem.Converting energy into manifestation with Joy!

The color is Golden -yellow,infused with light. Wear gold or yellow clothing or accessories. Carry Citrine or Pyrite or Golden .Yellow Calcite. Eat Yellow foods this week! MMM Im thinking Lemon,Pineapple,Yellow Peppers,Papaya../ What are some yellow -golden foods your thinking? Use Lemon,Lemongrass,Grapefruit,Ginger,Peppermint,or Juniper Oils with the 3rd Chakra,all diluted please.Some of these E/Os can cause a sensitivity on the skin and should be “tested on back of wrist or elbow”.I like to boil some water-put it in a bowl add a couple of drops of whatever you are choosing and let it myst the aire-breathe it in…

Affirmations that can activate or maintain balance in the Manipura : I have the power! What will power me today? I am courageous! I choose to take action on:I have the FREEDOM to make my own choices. I believe in my choices.I am connected to the source of all power,it flows though me and encourages me. I take action. Lights(joy!) Camera(reflection) ACTION = flow…I know and trust my Intuitive Understanding.

Leave a comment-what are some of your affirmations for courage-for power,strength with joy!


Good Morning Happy Day! Holding the frequency of celebration within the second,Sacral Chakra Svadhisthana! I am experiencing pain in my hips lower lumbar spine and sciatica.Yes,I have bone spurs on the spine and bulging disks,compressed vertebrae,arthritis.Yikes! Oh the wake-up calls to the imbalance of my own 2nd Chakra. Thank You Guides! There are things about my 2nd Chakra,as there are many of you/yours,that change constantly:lessons of trust,& what one holds as a valuable frequency, is it on the trading floor -so to speak? How much, or how often can we choose to live within our value system in this world consistently and harmoniously-what do we exchange for that,for more of that.For example 2nd Chakra issue for me: I would live more of a barter system if possible. I’ve got alot of that frequency in my life,which I celebrate! Id like to exchange for another  nice and safe place to live (I already have that for $$ exchange)! I would love to have lets say:2 adjoining rooms and maybe w/a bathroom?LOL suite in s nice and safe home,maybe a well- finished basement with a private entrance:) I can continue to do my clients there and have my Lilly cat.I day dream this exchange to be for utilities and cable ($$ fee exchange) of about 200.00 no rent fees as I can exchange Chakra balance,or crystals,oils,meditation & grid classes once a month for owner/family up to a 300.00 barter exchange.Id love to barter for a safe car! Or 30.00 a week of food…

Feeling 2nd Chakra safe within these- loving & all is one-value systems, means we need to be with other like minded individuals as often as possible to reveal/realize our oneness,our interconnected-ness,and live more interdependent lifestyles- and Make It Work! We need to include more of the things that are important to us on a daily basis or at least a few times a week! Whatever those values are for you! More folks can live and celebrate through this frequency,learn more of value,trust,pleasure and move to even higher dimensions of living in love.I believe some call it a heart like Jesus.

When we are,like myself right now,experiencing physical manifestations of imbalance-we heed the call.Period.We address the issues,we open the Chakras,we let the awakened energy of spirit,move in,out ,through us.Bringing us what we need,our needs will be met,i trust this.We balance by upping what we can. Jennifer Cook also drew a card for me to remind me of pleasure.For my ornge food celebration last night ,I ate PIZZA!   I listened to some great music and danced around the living room and blew bubbles! Today, I did my physical therapy while drinking great coffee! I took a walk around my building,I heard birds,I saw the crimson orange to faded baby blues of the sunrise. I am going to work on my bird house for my spring faerie house and wait-trusting,knowing that my 3 clients who will come today to pick up orders,WILL come today.Its frustrating being a very small business and having only a day and a half a week to do almost all the business ( but comes w/the territory:), like book clients-maybe there’s 12-spots that week available,8-9 people book and then 4 or 5 cancel,sometimes cancelling or not showing repeatedly.I trust the process is to awaken all thru 2nd Chakra issues: for them the repeated cancels,not showing means something else.For the couple of people waiting to see about a specific time and cant get in because the time is booked,means something else..,and for me it means trusting that my needs will be met,that i have value,i can live my calling-my passion.In the time being-I will have some pleasure! Love you all!

Love you all,enjoy some pleasure today! And thanks for the reminder Jenn!

2nd Chakra Part2

Good Morning This is Celebrating Svadhisthana,2nd Chakra Week!  A few more affirmations as you work with your Sacral Chakra!  As I write this,Im enjoying a Carrot,Pink Grapefruit, Ginger juice this morning for my “orange” food! Been enjoying Oranges,Pink Grapefruit,Carrots, Salmon and more all week! What were some of your fave orange foods this week?

Affirmations: My sexuality is sacred.I skillfully flow in shadow and in light. I trust in my divine guidance. I celebrate with gratitude my whole,balanced,trusted,nurturing relationships! I deserve to experience pleasure in my life.I honor and respect my emotions. I move freely and easily! An easy flow of Abundance moves through me I receive,I give.

If you are experiencing some pain in your lower back ,hips,sacrum or tailbone PLEASE try some of my Pain Mgmnt Formula! Helps so much! Trysome soft hip opening, soft Yoga. I like the moves and breath of soft Svaroopa Yoga OR I also like Dahn Yoga hip moves on Youtube. I will post from my faves! Mind you whatever you learn from Youtube- from yoga to fixing something to listening to tuning forks or essential oil recipes,DOES NOT mean you are then a yoga teacher,sound therapist, or mechanic hahaha!

I have 2 UNIKITE,and 1 Red River Jasper necklaces that came in EXCELLENT for 2nd Chakra! Only $15.00

I love and Honour You!HPIM1169

Crystal Grids

Im being asked if I do a workshop on Grids? I absolutely can. However,lets get some comments/feedback on what night or afternoon could be best? For now,I am beginning to post weekly on a Crystal Grid that you can see/read & set in a  Grid section of this blog. If you want to know about a specific grid -please ask in the comment section and I will address it.If you want crystals – i have miners that I work through that can get  ecologically,ethically mined crystals from and I picture and post when Im sent some. Blessings!