A Record Keeper

Come see / feel this gorgeous Record Keeper!  Many gorgeous,healing stones available! Thanks for visiting my  web/blog. It is my internet to share knowledge,information  & photos on events at Rock With You. Please Call / Txt  Meg 712 204-1541  Rock With You,on historic 4th@Court. Purchase stone/crystals. Lithomancy,energy work, meditation,sound therapy.Please contact me for an appointment. Thank You.

I am honored to present this Exquisite and Amazing Record Keeper of significance.Eons of Ancient Wisdom is programmed into each perfect triangular face,sustained with it’s recorded vibrational frequency.To be a true Record Keeper Quartz Crystal,it must have at least 3 triangular faces ( I also have a “7 sisters” RK with 7 faces) in a row;and not only the triangular facets-1 perfect triangle must be “etched” in (as opposed to raised).THIS has mutiple triangular faces and etched  triangles on the side.THIS is an exceptional Record Keeper,which also contains a rainbow!  A Record Keeper must be gifted upon, through another, or from source, to an attuned high vibrational soul ready to receive the from the infinite wisdom contained within. A Record Keeper is not a Healing Stone. It comes to one for the sharing of wisdom and information;it comes with  a responsibility.This Record Keeper and I have been united for  the wisdom I am receiving through meditation,AND for the first time,I am to program it with information from OUR TIME now. This will be, Im quite sure,a profound experience!


Exceptional Times and Pieces

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Good Morning all and Blessings! FREE CRYSTAL GRID MEDITATION was awesome last night! I missed some of my regulars -as EVERYBODY is traveling right now! Safety and Joy in your travels! One who’s first time here says: ” It was such an amazing meditation tonight!! Meg has a gift for connecting people to their spirits, chakra energy, hearts; in a most soothing and direct way. Also she can connect you with a sweet stone or crystal if you so desire. I really enjoyed meeting Jennifer also! Thank you again Meg Essence, your talents and gifts are remarkable!! ” Joanne Klaus. Thank you very much Joanne!

I put up a little slide show of a couple of pieces,just a little sampling to wet your whistle! Pictured are very large pieces of juicy rich Rose Quartz. Gorgeous! An Amazing  Clear Quartz ,with Multiple Points ( over 30 large directionals!) with Rainbows,and Phantoms,quite the powerful and beautiful piece.It also has the unique distinction of looking like a prehistoric animals mouth! A royal Amethyst Cathedral,saturated  with with profoundly purple color,a smooth sidewall,without being polished! You are invited and drawn into this gorgeous piece!  2 Mooks! The space ship and its cute artsy partner! There are so many pieces that will just blow you away! They will ALL be ready for sale by Friday! Come by! Come be,Come hold,Come play, Come Buy! Join me in a cup of tea! More to come!

CAL/ TEXT /  712 204-1541, OR Face Book Private Message Meg essence with questions or to confirm attendance to Mandala Mondays or Meditation Tuesdays. Both nights @7pm. Make your appointment for Lithomancy Readings ( casting of stones),Sound Frequency Resonance therapy,or to chat and ask questions.

Thank you,for being here.Please come again!


I m so excited! I leave this afternoon! 4 glorious days of friends,mother nature,and ROCKS lots and LOTS of rocks,crystals,minerals! I can’t wait to see/learn more at the rock shows! I will bring back some awesome beauties!

Monday 7/25 7-8pm  FREE MANDALA MONDAYS,EVERY MONDAY-Color Mandalas while attuning with Sound Therapy 432hz & 7.38hz with bi-nural beats & dolphin song .When Mandalas are complete I will show how to set a Mandala Crystal Grid! I encourage you to bring your own colored pencils ( I have some).

Tues 7/26 7-7:45 FREE CRYSTAL GRID MEDITATION EVERY TUES-Participate in different types of meditation.We are seated in a Crystal Grid.( I accommodate disabilities.Seating is for 12) Choose Crystals to use in Meditation,or bring your own. Sage &/or Palo santos is used to clear the auric field.Black Tourmaline w/Mica and Selenite sticks are holding space to absorb, clear and transform any negative energy. Attune to Sound Resonance Frequency Therapy while in meditation. Come, Relax!

Visit with and purchase new crystals!! Please scroll through the pages of this weblog to learn HOW 7 WHY crystal work.Check out the other pages too! Thanks for coming and I hope to be with you real soon!

Blessings! Meg essence FB message,Call or Txt 712 204-1541 to confirm attendance,for further detail,make an appointment or ask any ?s! Thanks

Appointments available for Lithomancy Readings _ Casting of Stones. Let the Stones tell the story & guide you on your path! 15 mins to 1 hour $15. -$60. Sound Frequency Resonance Therapy 30 mins $30.



Hi Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog/website! Please scroll through the blog pages for How and Why Crystals work,or check out the Meditation Page for different types of Grid Meditations. I am a very small business with decades of experience. Ive been using,doing ,creating and teaching about Crystals, Energy work Chakras, Sound Frequency Resonance therapy,Aromatherapy since the end of the 70’s in NYC and Paris & Poissey France. At one time I had a VERY big and successful business. Since the end of the 90s Ive been pioneering these wellness modalities out here in the Sioux and I had to redefine what success meant and came to know that it doesn’t matter business is brick and mortar,big or small-the templates of how I do business changes over time BUT I have always done my calling.Please,contact me,for all your energy work,crystals,crystal display art,sound frequency therapy,meditation and please,feel free to chat with me and ask any questions. Thanks. Check back with the site often as I put up info or get new crystals almost daily! Blessings and LOVE! FB Meg essence, sagemeg12@msn.com,FaceTime-Megduhla@ gmail, 712 204-1541 Downtown Historic 4th @ Court 2nd floor.


HERE at ROCK WITH YOU Meg believes that All people from all walks of life,working through all kinds of transitions can benefit greatly from meditation,sound therapy,crystals and essences. Rock With You enjoys having children,men woman,teens,even pets come to take part in all wellness modalities and activities.ROCK WITH YOU can accommodate  wheelchairs & disabilities.I have experience in working with Alzheimers patients as well.So please join in ,ALL are welcome!

FREE Coloring Therapy! Mandala Monday with Sound Therapy and Breath work. Seats 9. 7pm – 8pm Every Monday I will have free mandalas to color.We will also set Crystal Grid on finished Mandalas.You can purchase Grid Kits.I encourage you to bring your own colored pencils.Light refreshment is available. I began this at Casa de Paz more than a year ago and it is a huge hit! It became a gathering with friends and grand kids,pets.Come try it out! Centering,Relaxing.

FREE Crystal Grid Meditation with Sound Therapy and Bi-Nural Beats.seats 12 7-7:30 pm Every Tues we do a variety of meditations.Choose crystals to use,or bring your own. Choose a FREE essential Oil to use for meditation.Listen to various HZ frequencies and along with natures Bi-Nural beats to bring your physical state of being into balance,and lift your vibrational frequency into higher states of awareness.

Please FB message Meg essence or txt / call 712 204-1541. Hope to be with you!



Pyramid Grid Meditation

7pm FREE  CRYSTAL GRID MEDITATION EVERY TUESDAY EVE 7pm.                       Seating 12 mystical_pyramid_by_xni

You don’t have to know much about crystals and meditation;or you can be your own teacher,like minded seeker.Come and choose a soul crystal,and/or one for each foot.One for the head or one for  the heart,OR bring your own fave ROCKS!  The room will also be set in a grid.Bi-nural frequency 432hz, Verdi’s A is on the air-waves along w nature’s own bi-nural beats. You are seated comfortably and your first few deep relaxing breaths carry the faint smell of Lime,and the lingering note of a wood fire – the Palo Santos.Light refreshment available.View or purchase crystals while visiting. Make requests.

Taking appointments for Lithomancy -The Casting of Stones. $15 $30 $45 $60 for 3-16 stones 15 mins-1 hour.Bring a pen and paper to take notes please.Take a photo of your cast:)

Taking appointments for Sound Resonance Awakening.- Using Crystals,Essential Oils, Tuning Forks, and recorded nature sounds with Bi-Nural beats and Attuned Vibrational Frequencies. One can hear Solfeggio’s or Pythagorean tuned scales for heart 432hz,or 538,the LOVE vibration.Or for grounding 7.8 hz,the Shuuman resonance. FEEL THE TRANSFORMATION Of regular meditation,especially with a group! Great energy.

Hope to see you here 4th & Court, entrance off parking lot.712 204-1541,or connect on FB Meg essence,or e Sagemeg12@msn.com.or comment here on this page.

Thanks Blessings!


Rock With You!

THIS WEEK – Call  / TxT 712-204-1541 to make your appointment for Lithomancy,         The Casting of Stones, THIS WEEK Mon.-Fri.,day or eve. 30 mins $30.Ask for details.

Tuning forks within a Crystal Grid / Essential Oils,Meditation/Breath Work 30 mins THIS WEEK $25.Stop By to pick up your GRID KITS, CRYSTALS,Sales on Bundleing! PALOS SANTOS 3 STICK BUNDLE FOR $5. OR WILD SWEET SAGE BUNDLE $2.              TxT please, let me know when you want to stop by.



IF I am HOLDING any ROCKS / CRYSTALS FOR YOU, PLEASE TRY TO PURCHASE PICK UP BY WED  EVE.7 / 20,Im trying to gather as much funding as possible for the ROCK SHOWS! Let me know when you will be stopping by 712 204-1541 THANKS  LOVE

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This grid is for anxiety,racing thoughts,and a calm, worry free restful sleep.only $12. and so cute.Comes with a pouch!


Palo Santos

Palos Santos is  the wood from a S American “Holy” tree. It is used there in religious ceremonies. It is a  Sacred Wood Essence who’s name literally means Holy Wood. It is a slow burning wood.Its base notes linger,and  harmonize as Frankincense,Sandalwood,Pine,with top note hints of Mint and Lemon.It both Uplifts and Grounds.Wonderful for clearing your crystals,or burning just to enjoy its pleasurable effects. 3 sticks for $5.00

Photo on 7-8-16 at 12.51 PM #2



I get the questions often HOW, WHY do crystals work? I can answer it quickly enough,if one prefers a quick answer.They are minerals: which form the Earths crust like,calcium, silicates,lithium, Manganese,Sodium,Potassium,Copper, Iron, Titanium and the like.They are  ATOMS, like we are,like pretty much all things upon Earth;and so are constructed of protons,neutrons and electrons. They have ions,and negative ions formed by atomic bonding.Every crystal / mineral is in the periodic table. Just science.Simple no hoodoovoodoo.

Minerals are in tune (harmony) with our body,when our body is out of harmony, it requires connection with Earth,via nature-you can be in nature,you can get your hands in the dirt and garden,you take your minerals and you can surround yourself,touch hold your crystal/rock =minerals.When Ive studied the rocks / minerals, the periodic table;one can easily see HOW and WHY their  historical USE has been come into play. A perfect example  EVERYBODY’s heard of is Rose Quartz . IT is the LOVE stone and is quite soothing,relaxing,peaceful. It IS a wonderful piece to put in a home or office, as it brings about a calming, peaceful state.Bring it out to avoid or IF theres been an argument between husband & wife,or loved ones,or if you have a family meeting,or for the delivery of rough news in a home or office. Also good for grieving. WHY / HOW did it come to be known as such? Well,Id say its mineral table of Lithium,Calcium, Magnesium,Manganese and more ( Id have to say THATS relaxing) seems to address WHY its very calming, reducing stress and tension that might prevent us from being able to love fully. It a stone that promotes compassion for our own selves, which in turn assists us in feeling compassion for others. It will help you learn to trust yourself, trust in your self worth, and boost your self-confidence. Understanding your self-worth is an important step in knowing you are worthy of being loved.ADD to that the legendary folklore and history of its use, such as the in one Greek legend, Adonis, who was Aphrodite’s lover, was attacked by Ares while he was in the shape of a wild boar. Aphrodite, fearing for her lover, ran to his aid and in the process caught herself upon a briar bush. Her blood mingled with Adonis’ and together it stained the white quartz pink. Later Zeus took pity on them and brought Adonis back for six months every year, thus helping rose quartz become a symbol of love renewed. In another Greek tale, Cupid and Eros brought rose quartz to humankind in hopes that its gorgeous pink color would inspire love in mortals. Rose quartz was also revered by ancient Tibetan and Chinese cultures, and some believe that this stone has been used as a token of love,and peace as early as 600 BC.

I hope that helps you all to understand why and how crystals/rocks “work”.

I also believe that every living thing ( yes,minerals are living) vibrates,so when we math the vibrational frequency of one living mineral with that of our bodies dis-harmoney ,and d-ease can become harmonized and balanced again! Perhaps vibrational frequency of sound and resonance is a whole other article!

Come get crystals! They are pretty and handsome and they FEEL GOOD!

Peace and Love!


<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/forbidden/”>Forbidden</a&gt;

“Forbidden fruit”,the “five forbidden phrases in marketing”,”I forbid you”,”God Forbid”…growing up i thought if anyone uttered “I forbid you to..”, I thought it was an invitation to do this or that,and so I did.Forbidden fruit, well lets eat it-eat the apple! Forbidden Cities,lets go there,wait, Im FROM there -the BIG apple,theres that apple again.Whats wrong with apples;)? Forbidden-untill this very moment I haven’t heard, or thought of the word forbidden for decades.I certainly never used it in a sentence to my son.I did however use it once,in a sentence spoken to my husband at the time. I said,through tears,( thinking it was the ultimate thing to say,bigger  more powerful then “please” as in, “Please don’t”or “Please,I don’t want this-nor will you”. I thought perhaps a commandment “I forbid” would hold more weight,but rather, its laughable. FORBID is a word that is not used in present time-because it no longer holds its meaning.Nobody cares if something is forbidden. It only validates that one can’t make any one do or not do that which they are choosing,for right or  for wrong,no matter.The choice resides in every individual weather they do something “FORBIDDEN” or not; whether they create or destroy,give or take life,love or hate,embrace the darkness so as to come to the light.Look at the current “reasons” behind behind gun rights.Virtually its something like: We ALL have a RIGHT to have guns and we all need them, and we all should have more, because we are all victims of ourselves and each other-no one has the self control to stop themselves from killing, you never know when someone is going to pop off, or when your neighbor is gonna turn into a terrorist.We are so beyond self control,there are no sexual boundaries, no “thou shalt not kill,thou shalt not be a pedophile, thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife,husband, their goods-yea none of that,lie manipulate steal…hmmm.

In present time,no wine goes untasted, no one can tell us what to do, and nothing is forbidden.