Where went November?

So November is only 3 days now? I feel like it was the Full Moon, the election and then Thanksgiving. Now Dec 1 is the next Full Moon,this one in Gemini. Nice! Relating / Creating & Building Relationships. Communications. Words.Speaking ones Truth. Listening. Music. The Written Word. Stories.Theatre. Try to find ways to incorporate ALL of that into your daily lives and enjoy it!

My son, a Gemini, loves words. As he grew up, he surrounded himself with and immersed himself in theatre for about 20 years! He’s got quite a talent. In theatre he found one of his best ways to communicate and express himself and enjoyed the profound relationships of his theatre family! Now he has a wonderful job with wonderful people that appreciate his work in-yep, Communications and Relations! I admire how he found his way to live his best work, his best life~which is still evolving. This Full Moon, the grid I make will be in Tony’s honor to express gratitude and celebration for his promotion and continued success at his work! Love You Tony! I think it will look something like this.

TEA & TAROT is Tuesday Dec 1 at Erstwhile Studios LLC 510 5th St 5-9pm Come on in and enjoy a Lythomancy Read, or book a “mini” Chakra session! Gift Certificates available. And shop the store! It’s gifting season! I’m also at the store Thursday’s 5-9 I also do crystal artwork, grid art, living art, custom pieces. Let’s chat about creating your unique art piece with a purpose! See you soon. Happy Holidays!!

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