Transform From Your Gut

When you allow yourself some stillness; do you have “that feeling” in the pit of your stomach these days? It’s kind of a“ nagging” vibration isn’t it? Like you don’t yet know exactly what that feeling is communicating. What is it? Is it fear? Nervous butterflies? Excitement? Is it the resonance of worldly unrest; the quiver of chaos? Let’s explore this, our Manipura

Manipura means illustrious gem. Our Manipura, when in balance exudes vitality, clarity, self-confidence, bliss, self-assurance, knowledge, wisdom and the ability to make correct decisions.The fire element manifests in the body as heat from our Solar Plexus. As our digestive fire, this Chakra regulates the function of the Pancreas and digestive organs, and controls our energy balance, to strengthen us and consolidate our health. Our Manipura Chakra greatly assists us in overcoming many illnesses. Our Manipura Chakra also has an effect like a magnet, attracting Prana ( energy) from the Cosmos; so if it’s blocked and out of balance, not only will our overall health and wellness suffer, but this magnet chakra can bring to ourselves even more illness and negativity if we surrender to fear, or allow it to remain out of balance. So let’s choose to get it into balance.

In my energy work, I’ve been seeing, within the aura of people, the need to work much more with the Manipura ( 3rd Chakra). Bring that yellow golden light up, and the static volatile energy of fear down. Many of my clients are within our healthcare and educational systems. During this time of an on going pandemic, with the heightening (still & again) of civil unrest; many of them are within a space of chaos themselves. They know they are surrendering their will to that which they feel they are not choosing: fear & the lack of control, the feeling that money is more important then our health, the feeling that we need to make reparation-to our people and to our planet yet not knowing how, while wondering how to teach in new ways and what to teach-our new world in new ways; it’s no wonder we are all loosing power, and are feeling “ that feeling” in the pit of our guts.What are YOU feeling? I really want to know! Please comment.

I know we are all being called to transform; I mean really power up and transform ( like a power ranger lol;) like never before – to be real agents of change. We have no other choice! We can not ignore it.We have to do it it an altogether different way as well. I’m not quite sure what way yet, but I know we must change. I trust I am and will be guided. We must change our selves from deep within first, then change our worlds and the world. This will take clarity, and energy=power. We must have clarity to hear the messages from the divine source, and then strength to follow through and the energy in many levels to truely transform – for good! We must be each other’s caretakers on many levels. When we meditate and visualize to manifest, we are not visualizing to manifest our own desires ( I want a husband, a BMW, all the desires of MY dreams..blah blah ) we are visualizing to manifest healing, heal the sick, feed the world, heal our planet. When we pray, we aren’t praying for the small stuff, we are praying for the BIG stuff! We are saying Universe, use me-what can I do right now, today, every day to effect change, and to heal our world. Whatever it takes. Let’s do this!

I can help you help. I can first help you heal your Manipura, so you can begin your journey to wellness, strength, and vitality; and you too can become an agent of change! Additionally crystals can help. You should get some!

Call me at Erstwhile Studios LLC, 712-251-1573 to book an appointment for a Thursday or Friday eve. 5-9 pm. Or contact me PM on FB Meg essence or through this blog.Thank You for reading, and let me know your thought via this blog or on FB. Peace and Love!

What Is Lithomancy?

A Lithomancy

Lithomancy is the casting of stones; it is an ancient form of divination that can enlighten & guide you on the next best steps toward your future! It’s helpful AND it’s fun! How is it done? You sit with me at a table. We center & balance with a brief meditation. We invite/call in your angels, archangels, spirit guides & ancestors. You sit with your hand in a bag containing the crystals and gemstones and feel them, let them vibe with you. Then, when ready, you take a handful of the stones & cast upon the table. I interpret the read based on the crystals themselves, their relationship to your Chakras, their placement in the table, and my intuitive ability. Other Details A Lithomancy read takes about 15-20 mins.pp and costs $15-$20. I can do this in your home,or at Erstwhile Studios LLC on Thurs and Fri eves 5-9pm and on Tea & Tarot Tuesday the 1st Tuesday of every month! Great for Friends Night Out, Bridal Showers, Birthday Parties, or any event. Book for Halloween 🎃! Call 712-251-1573 to book your time with me at Erstwhile. Masks and social distancing; OR like and book through their FB page. To book with me for your home or event call 712-204-1541 or FB PM @Meg Essence.

Ruby Zoisite,Chevron Clear Quartz, Labradorite

$14.00 Ruby Zoisite Brings Brings a joyful happy energy. Dispels self destructive thoughts and emotions. A great Heart Chakra-Anahata Stone
$10 Polished Ruby Zoisite on the right. Both are sitting on top of a piece of Pine Tree Jasper The Jasper strengthens connection to the sacredness of Mother Earth. Encourages you to celebrate moments of beauty. Another Anahata-Heart Chakra Stone that balances emotions and allows one to accept change.Pine Tree Jasper $20

$35 Phantom Chevron Clear Quartz with additional phantom inclusions. 2 Point Directional on the outside. A very powerful and radiant crystal. Enhances psychic abilities. Directs negative energy away from all Chakras. Clears. Balances. Must be cleansed regularly. Repower it in Sun or Full Moon. Cleanse during New Moon and set intention into it.
Another angle of the Chevron showing the two directional points.
$15 Raw Labradorite This flashes more light then I could capture. A 5th Chakra Stone Assists with strength and perseverance through transformation. We all need one of these right now!

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Solar Powered

Hi! I hope you are all staying in good health. I see your courage, and strength in navigating our current overwhelming circumstance in all arenas. I applaud you, I encourage you, let your sun shine!!

I see, and feel; therefore I’m working with, the profound changes in our energy systems-particularly the Solar Plexus. I am working to increase,enhance and balance the Manipura, 3rd Chakra-Solar Plexus. As we address the changes we are downloading into our core, we observe where we are losing power. We move through the levels of experience as we take action, or react, to everything~from fear and frustration to transforming into agents of change in your soul, your life, your world, the world! *Meditate*Breathe. I am available to see you for 30 min or 60 min Chakra Balance Appointments, & 15 min Lithomancy reads. I can come to your home or you can see me at my NEW LOCATION *ERSTWHILE! I will be at Erstwhile, located at 510 5th St Sioux City IA. on Thursday & Friday eve. 5-9pm. Try Out a LITHOMANCY READ at Erstwhile’s Tea & Tarot! Tea and Tarit is on the 1st Tuesday of every month. Check them out on FB Erstwhile Studios LLC & like their page.I’m going to do a whole blog post about them soon! I will include a prize drawing during that post so be sure to look for it!

Chakra Balance 30 mins. $30. Chakra Balance 60 mins. $60. Lithomancy 15mins. $15. *Crystals. *Unique Personalized Crystal Artwork and Living Art. Call or text me for YOUR appointment. Meg 712-204-1541 FB pm Meg essence Or book your appointment with me for Thursday & Friday eves 5-9pm through Erstwhile Studios LLC on FB or call 712-251-1573