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I bring  to you exceptional quality and experience in ENERGY WORK, Somatics-SOUND RESONANCE & FREQUENCY THERAPY, CRYSTALS, AROMATOLOGY, & MEDITATION.

*We have a FREE weekly Meditation group Tues 7-8pm.Seating is almost full so contact me if you wish to attend.                                                                                                                                                           I sell  Exceptional Crystals.FAIR pricing.                                                                                                                   I  use,create & sell Authentic Essential Oil formulas,customized,individually created.  Certified in Aromatology,Aromachology and Sound Therapy.

I  am proud to say I brought this work to SIOUXLAND in 1996,when no one knew what this was,and certainly no one was offering it.I had a space I loved in A STEP in THYME w Kathy Bogenrief, where i pioneered teaching all about these healing modalities.I had the CHARTERHOUSE WELLNESS CENTER w Judith Grant in North Sioux City,with the 1st (only) Tea House.I had a space out in Oneil Ne. I taught Aromatherapy at WITT to so many people that Fiona Valentine called them my fans.I did MANY MANY workshops at both hospitals, and the JUNE E NYLAN CC, and taught the nurses at HOSPICE of SIOUXLAND, & Jackson Recovery.I spoke often and shared free product  and demonstrated my energy / sound work at numerous health expos and fairs,& employee appreciation luncheons / dinners  for many area busineses. I taught energy work,auric cleansing and attunement, CHAKRA balancing,use of crystals and essential oils to massage schools, and pioneered getting Aromatherapy questions on the Massage Board testing for Licensing. I am proud to have been a spark towards an entire movement towards Holistic Health  in SIOUXLAND as MANY of my clients went on to BECOME Masseuses, Energy Workers, Sound Therapy workers and the like. Thank You! It HAS been a struggle to do this out here; to survive things I never went through in NYC or Europe doing this work; from being picketed by churches,to having businesses learn all they could from me,to then order oils off the internet  just to save a couple of dollars! I have had a few clients come and beg to learn from me, and opened their own space to do energy work,crystal and tuning forks.I LOVE IT! If they only knew…BLESSINGS ON ALL!  At least its better then YouTube! However,the energy is OFF, if one comes from a place where its all about the investments and how much money can be made,its darn near blasphemous.  THIS WORK is a GIFT. It can not be wholly learned enough as a client or off of YOUTUBE. Either you have the gift and are the gift,or you’re not. Im STILL HERE. I will ALWAYS do what Im called to do! I am NOT of the “cheap” mindset to charge a high dollar amount so people “think” its of higher value. IT IS of value; period. YOU’re of VALUE.EVERYONE is.THIS WORK is not the “next cool fad” available at a high dollar amount to reflect such. The work,my work is here,I AM here to stay,and I am here for ALL. Thanks for reading! I hope to be with you soon!

Experience the AUTHENTICITY. You may have tried the rest,now come to trust the BEST.

EnergyLightBody Work / Chakra Balance – with Crystals,Essential Oils and Sound Frequency Therapy

*1/2 hour $30.00   1 hour &60.00    90mins. $75.00

Lithomancy The Casting of Stones

*15 mins $15.00    30 mins $30.00

*Essential Oil Formulas w free consultation *Crystals *Grid Kits

*Palos Santos *Sage Bundles

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