Rock with You in Sioux City

Don’t you just love Stones & Crystals? Can you appreciate their beauty? Perhaps you would like to use crystals as art or statement pieces in your home or office decor? Maybe you are one that can relate to hearing the call of a crystal,and are aware of their presence and their ability to soothe, calm, or energize you and the energy in your surroundings. Do you create with crystals; wear them as jewelry, or carry them in your pockets just because you enjoy them, in all their unique splendor? Do you want to learn more about crystals? Learn about grids perhaps? Or how about trying a Lithomancy read; the prophetic casting of stones?

Rock With You has a variety of crystals in downtown Sioux City IA There are rough raw, tumbled, polished, large museum quality specimens, medium, small and tiny to choose from.

Available Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays

Meg Essence FB / PM me, Respond on this blog site, Twitter or call 712-204-1541


Hi All! Blessings! The Full Moon and the Spring Equinox signal a time for change, rebirth, renewal. Let’s begin this great time of celebration with an energy system tune up! Experience radiant energy with a Chakra Balance to cleanse & harmonize your soul; align your inner being with your outer world. A 1 hour vibrational energy session includes sound frequency therapy,crystals, & essentials oils.

This 1 hour therapeutic session special is $55.00 (saving you $10.00); and is available on Tues 3/19 day & eve. AND Fri 3/22 day & eve

*remove stagnant, low vibrating, dense, negative energy from your system and feel better!

Crystals are available for sale.

Custom crystal grids for sale.

Lithomancy readings available as well by appointment.

Please FB pm me, call or text 712-204-1541

Happy Spring!