Summer Solstice Solar Plexus

Good morning! To celebrate the Summer Solstice today,I am offering Solar Plexus Power in addition to Chakra Balances and Lythomancy Reads! The Solar Plexus-Manipura-is your 3rd Chakra. It is located in the center of your body, from the belly button to the sternum-inside and outside,front and back. Physically it is your metabolic center, where you gain energy from food. Spiritually it is your power of will,center of strength. If your third Chakra is out of balance it can manifest as digestive issues, fatigue, lethargy. One becomes aware that they are losing their power, their strength, their energy, losing joy. Or it can manifest as over anxious,jittery nervous energy. I will help you with this. Come, get your third Chakra energy balanced! Learn more about Manipura.

Solar Plexus Power 30 mins. $30.

Full Chakra Balance 60 mins $60.

Lithomancy Read 20-30 mins $25

Happy Gemini June/Sag Full Moon!

Hi all! There are some spots available for Lithomancy reads today!

It’s a perfect day for it! 10am 11am and 5:30 spots are open.Its $25 for reading which takes approximately 25-30 mins.

Need some clarity from your angels or spirit guides? Do you feel like the universe is trying to tell you something but your not quite sure what it is? Are you delving deeper into self & your spiritual awareness; or perhaps an entire new path seems to be opening up to you?

Casting crystals are a great way to receive guidance and clarity. Each stone represents a different part of your Chakras, each one has a physical & metaphysical meaning. The color of the stones as well as where they fall when you cast them become the stepping stones of your journey.

Message me in FB Megessence, email me at, respond on this blog or text 712-204-1541 and make an appointment