Its Been Awhile!

Hi all! A busy time and a beautiful spring it is;graduations and marriages for quite a few! Congrats to all! Enjoy all the transformations and exciting changes! I know some things seem scary and overwhelming-and many can doubt and second guess their choices-which,in turn, can paralyze someone.Please,trust-the process,the unfolding,yourself-trust.Myself -in times of chaos and doubt,i falter too and get fearful.I get angry too sometimes because I am asking for guidance ,trusting i will receive,declaring I am open to receive,letting it unfold-believing that the path will be revealed with clarity..and now my path is one of dealing with my health in a completely different way then I have been for the last 12 years;that’s where believing and trusting in has lead me! WHAAAT!! HAHA So yes I understand-it happens,we loose faith in ourselves,in the energy,the holy spirit,archangels..u witness chaos and see and experience deep grief and loss and sadness and pain to a depth beyond anything you could have imagined!BUT when THIS is where the path has brought you-you are STILL in the RIGHT place-you are always where you need to be.I just wanted to remind you.Its going to be alright.Why is never the question. Im so grateful to have the knowledge I have and to do the work I do.Balancing my Chakras,being in the vibration of the tuning forks,using and smelling my oils,and being with the crystals allows for this learning experience to become a ┬ávibrant healing process by clearing any restrictive energy that arises from doubt,or fear ( that does come,so dont beat yourself up,just have a balance),and by bringing me to a peaceful,relaxed, open,loving connected state in heart and mind and body,as often as possible-to be at best when receiving a challenge and it will do that for you.

I can sit on a massage stool-like a masseuse,so dont worry,I am still taking appointments-if its a day i need to rest or receive help=I will let you know.Its all good!

I am wide open for SATURDAY! Call and book your special time!