Songs From the Wood

A grateful Mabon /Harvest /Full Moon! Giving thanks! Thank you sacred Black Hills and Sista Friend Cindy for the picked sage and the wood. The Orange Banded Rhodochrosite ( who’s partner was brought to a new home last week) is held lovingly by the wood! This is my next art project. I’m wrapping the sage tonite! Thank you to my wonderful client friends partaking in the Harmonic Balances today. I’m at a wedding later-simply a marvelous day full of live❤️

Mothers Twilight

how swiftly it arrives
earlier each day
The Dark Night at its heels

The Great Mother
bears artful gifts
in the autumn of her life
Scarlet and caramel leaves
and the gamboge of
maiden grasses dancing
wild with the wind
under a harvest moon

The Great Mother passes
to slumber long
In birthing
our bountiful harvest
She nourishes us
Through icy sharp winds
and the bone chilling
DarK Night
The sweetness of her apples
The savory flesh
of her aubergine
The velvety meatiness of
her golden squash
The lush pungent plumpness
of her round pumpkin is
Her fire burns within
our bellies

She Lives On
From Mabon
through Yule
Where the light
calls forth
how swiftly it arrives
longer with each day
The red mare
Aine with Sun
riding quickly at its heals
Our Mother awakens
Pregnant Vibrant

9/18 by M-

Happy Saturday!

Most of us will be out and about with some FAB Community Events today, like the Sioux City Film Festival! Stop by to pick up some CRYSTALS since we are all downtown Sioux City! Text or Call 712-204-1541 to stop by! I ll be at the Film Fest on & off today/tonite too, but Im right here. Support Local. Have a great day.

Full Harvest Moon 9/24/18

Hi! Welcome. Here are the dates and timeframes for appointment availability during The Harvest Full Moon. We are moving toward the Autumnal Equinox.By tuning into the natural rhythms of nature we are reminded that even in the midst of great change there is balance and harmony.

It is the time of The Full Moon -the Out Breath. This time we allow ourselves the release. We give GRATITUDE for the ” harvest” of our intentions-the seeds planted at the time of the New Moon. We give FORGIVENESS. We SHARE of our abundance. We LET GO, let go of any negative aspects in our lives. LET GO of what doesn’t serve the greatest good. We release the breath.

I offer Chakra Harmonic Balance Sessions. This includes Essential Oils, Tuning Forks and Bi-Neural Frequency, Breath & or Toning, and the energy work.

1 hour $60. 1/2 hour focused $30.

*Crystals Are For Sale*

Lithomancy & Meditation also available;private or groups

Thurs 9/20 eve hours. Fri 9/21 eve hours. Sat 9/22 morning hours. Sun 9/23 afternoon. Mon 9/24 eve hours.