Chakra Balance -What is it?

Chakras are energy centers within and around our bodies that are a bridge between dimensions of wellness. Emotional or physical dis-ease, stresses,trauma and things we haven’t let go of can leave residual dense or negative energy.
I help clear this energy, open and lighten up the Chakras, or bring down intense vibrational energy-therefore bringing balance to your energy system.
To implement my work; I use Sound Frequency therapy with Tuning Forks and Bi-Nural beats, Crystals, Aromatherapy, and my healing energy along with your energetic force to create a harmonious balance.
All you need to do is arrive wearing comfy clothes, lay down comfortably and relax.

  • right now, since I can not walk, I’m doing this work at my apartment. It doesn’t change a thing with the work. In fact it adds something to it as I have better access to my “ music”. I simply cover my couch for each client rather then the massage table. However I do have a cat. She stays away when people come over unless she knows you. I do hope to get back to doing it at the Erstwhile Store 510 5th St where I do my Lythomancy. We will have to see as now I have to perhaps prepare for Spine surgery this winter. I do ask folks when they come to my apartment for energy work to please keep it professional. An appointment is either 1 hour or 1/2 hour
    1 Hour Chakra Balance $60
    1/2 Hour Chakra Balance $30
    PM me on FB Meg essence

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