More Gifts From Earth

So, this is a pretty piece!! Purple and Green Flourite, heavy, large! A great display piece! For Heart and Third Eye Chakras. Only$16!


Actinolite & Golden Lepidolite

This is a big piece! Actinolite is amazing as a metaphysical shield~meaning it can keep ” bad” energy, or negative energy at bay! It calms negative / angry behaviors. It is a powerful for Shamanic & Earth healing. If you feel you’ve lost your way on life’s path, or can’t make a decision on something, have an Actinolite around. Golden Lepidolite is one of the best emotional Healers I know. Also excellent for dream work, emergy work and transformations. $40.00


I couldn’t wait to show you some CRYSTALS!! Available now! 1st to HOLLA – it’s yours! 

1st Up TRUE Golden Healers from Mt Ida Arkansas. Golden Healers have iron oxide between the layers of crystal.This colour is not removed with an acid wash ( to test for authenticity ). These two beauties have multiple points / terminations, inclusions, triangle faces, and a rainbow.They emit joyful Vibrational Frequency. Powerfully strong in healing, yet soothing and gentle. A Master Healing stone, but not “spacey” like a Moldavite or Phenichite. The Golden Ray of these crystals connects one to Spirit / Divine / Source. They bring healing into the 8th, 7th & 3rd Chakras, which spreads throughout.If you search online for these, they are extremely pricy,literally in the $100s. From me $42. & $30. 

Lithomancy  Journey Reads

Lythomancy is the casting of stones; great as a map/guide for your journey. These 2 reads are quite powerful!  The first one shows-through facing ones own truth healing begins,(selenite and chrysocholla) awareness grows, compassion ( green calcite) w/ love of self and others through service- furthers enlightens ones abilities ( Lemurian) will ( Citrine) and more expression of truth and compassion/ forgiveness and round spiraling up to higher communication with spirit guides angels,(Rainbow Phantom Clear) God & Goddess ( Peach Moonstone) Theresa of Avila came through really strong for this individual. The 2nd one shows Powerful vibration and Spirituality as healer / guide with certainty, strength and love – someone who knows what they are doing,is in contact with their guides;as represented by Moldavite,Green Calcite and Clear Quartz. The outcome could be an opportunity, financial strength – standing on ones own 2 feet in this opportunity,doing what one loves as guided by and with protection the Garnet and Star Ruby. The Amythyst at the top says ” go for it!”Try a Lithomancy read!! 15 mins $ 15.00 Check out the available days and times for appointments on this blog!

SumaTime Appointments w MEG 

Hi all! Updates! I’ve removed the dates that are now booked and no longer available. There ARE still appointments available for 7/1 & 7/2!! AND I ll be photographing a new Crystal order!! Look for that! I’ve been called into work early so… later; please look at what dates are available for SUMMER and book ahead! Take advantage of the specials! ❤️

The following appointment dates are still available for the summer.

July ~1,2,*13,*14,15,16,

August~ *3,*4,5,6,*10,27,*31

* Thurs or Friday Weeknight appointments are available after 5:30 and can go quite late.

Sat & Sun appointment times available from 8-8 

Full appointment of  Acoustic Frequency Sound Therapy, Crystals & Energy Lightbody  work: $60 hr   $30 1/2 hr

Acoustic Frequency Sound Therapy with Crystals $25 1/2 hr

Lythomancy – A journey  reading from the casting of stones  $15.00  per 15 mins. Privacy available if required for groups. Bring a GROUP of FRIENDS or FAMILY! Great for bridal showers, birthdays, ladies night, couples or individuals!  Organic juice, herbal tea, wine available per request! 

Summer of ’17 Special!!! 1/2 hr of Acoustic Sound Frequency Therapy WITH a 15 min  Lythomancy  read $35

If you are new to me. Please begin with an Email to, OR FB message. If you know me, call or text for your appointments now. These will fill up fast! Can’t wait to see you!