Got a Secret Formula

A couple of formulas balancing with the vibrational harmony of Herkimer, Carnelian, Jasper and Actinolite. One formula is Patchoulii, Vetivert, Amyris, Katrafay, Blood Orange. The other is Vetivert, Frankinsence, Pine,Clary Sage, Blood Orange. Each personalized formula is toned over with a Somatic HZ frequency, and correlating crystals to empower,harmonize and balance the intention of each formula! ❤️❤️



Good Day to you! Everyone needs a Peach Selenite stick! Only 3 left @ $3.00 each! A wind element stone, it quickly transforms negative energy into the energy of forgiveness, love,acceptance~and heals emotional wounds by severing the chords of dysfunctional energy from the energy aura/etheric body. Selenite can enhance self esteem and willpower;an excellent stone when traveling a new path on your journey! 

SUMMER SPECIAL,till last day of August!  Energy LightBody work with Acoustic Vibrational Frequency AND a Lythomancy Read ( A journey read. The casting of stones) ONLY $35. Appointments available for FULL MOON Sunday 7/9 FB message, respond here or text your time request!

Actinolite & Golden Lepidolite

This is a big piece! Actinolite is amazing as a metaphysical shield~meaning it can keep ” bad” energy, or negative energy at bay! It calms negative / angry behaviors. It is a powerful for Shamanic & Earth healing. If you feel you’ve lost your way on life’s path, or can’t make a decision on something, have an Actinolite around. Golden Lepidolite is one of the best emotional Healers I know. Also excellent for dream work, emergy work and transformations. $40.00