Meditation,Ink & Lithomancy

inhaleexhale_580x2xSUNDAY 3/19 1:00pm at Megs


Palo Santos and Sage clear the air waves as you arrive. Release static energy with crystals in a balancing grid.Harmonize your thoughts and emotions with Sound Frequency and Bi-Nural Beats. Heal with a Guided Meditation. Inspire your spirit and each other with temporary natural ink tattoos. Manifest the next part of your journey and leave Transformed!

Share and relax with some wine and light refreshment.


I hope to see be with you. Please either TEXT YOUR ATTENDANCE to 204-1541 or accept your invitation on the FB Event Page by next FRIDAY 3/17. Thank You.Enjoy a wonderful weekend!







Meditation,Ink & Lithomancy

Celebration Meditation with Concious Ink Inspirational Temporary Tattoos! The empowering messages received with this meditation,will support you in celebrating your life!  We will be seated among the Crystals. Sage and Palo Santos  stabilizes the airwaves.The meditation will begin as we tune into ourselves and surroundings with sound frequency vibration and binaural beats. We will have clarity in choosing our  affirmation tattoo. Then. breath work and toning, moving into meditation,putting attention on our inspiring, transformational words.We will set our intentions to create and manifest our desires! What is yours – acceptance, health,  gratitude, for our beautiful earth,or water,air- breath,for love,joy…?

A 3 stone Lithomancy read for each person is included and will follow the meditation. 

Light refreshment available

Sunday March 19th 1:00    $20.00

essential oils, formulas and limited edition  ” nuesence ” #s 1&2 available

 PLEASE express your commitment to attend via TEXT ONLY  

 TEXT TO 712 204-1541 TY

ImboLc CandLemas

Loving & sharing Gratitude for  this most gorgeous  weather here in Sioux Ia

During this midtime between the Yule / Winter Solstice & the return of the sun / light / enlightenment,we experience Imolc or  Candlemas. This midtime goes from 2/2 /2017 until the 1st day of Spring 3 /22  Equinox /Rebirth / Easter


 20 New Oils are arriving for my creation of Nuesence,to celebrate the gentle signs of early spring. 2 limited edition gift packages will include

1  2oz Spritzer  for * hair *body *room *linen *car

  1   1/3 Roll-on   &  1  1/2 Jar in Almond Butter Creme    48.

Nuesence 1-deep roots rise to green herbaceous notes,as the warmth of daylight gently steams the morning dew.lime leaves top this blend

   Nuesence 2 -resonant to gentle spring florals pop with effervescent italian lemon and                                 pink grapefruit

Make an appointment to CREATE your Custom Signature essence! BE part of the CREATION!


Text or Call or FB private message to order or make a time to come by!




Happy Solstice!

Solstice Blessings! Be at Peace,surrounded in Love and Light! Im sending warm wishes of good health and  good fortune to all my clients this blessed Solstice,as we celebrate the RETURN OF THE SUN!!

Gift certificates are available for Energy Balance Sessions,Lithomancy or essence formulas. I am not taking sessions presently as I have a very special house guest with me,my son! This is such a blessing as we get to spend time together before he starts on the next exciting path of his journey!   I am currently booking appointments for Sat.Jan 7th.That is also the day we begin our new meditation cycle. We will meet Sats at 4:30. Beginning Monday January 9th I will also be available for morning sessions once again. I love the cycles my jobs an my work allows me! I hope you do too! Im looking forward to our time together! Blessed Yule!

Solstice Meditation

Good Day! Tonite and tomorrow: This Full Moon is the last of the Super moons.Enjoy! Please dont forget your rock friends,IF your crystals are working hard,cleanse or smudge and place in the full moon  light to empower.Thank You Luna for your gorgeous super powers as of late!  By now I hope you are seeing results of your intentions set ( perhaps with the help of a grid?) 2 weeks ago. If not,see what you need to let go of to make space in your life for more of that which you desire. If its with self,no worries,just re-evaluate your journey “map” and decide how to move forward. Perhaps,the road you were on wasn’t the best route after all. Change your direction,listen to your guides.

Wed 12 / 21 is our Solstice! Although the shortest day of the year,we begin our return to THE SUN!! In a few days,our  return to light ( enlightenment?), and our days will get longer by a minute or so every day YAYYYYYYY!!!! To celebrate, I will offer  a SOLSTICE CIRCLE MEDITATION at 9pm WED 12/21. Please let me know if you can join in!  I will have a candle lit circle of light,and a Crystal Grid set to honor the SUN MOON PEACE LOVE. Refreshments will be offered,and bring something to share if you wish, ALL ARE WELCOME ! FB PM or text / call if you will join in!

BE at PEACE  and may good health and JOY find you ALWAYS on the path!




Gratitude & Wish Lists!

Happy & Healthy Holiday Season.Id like to extend my  most joyful and heartfelt GRATITUDE to ALL my Clients/Friends! Thank You! It is a great honor to walk your journey with all of you, and to be your guide! I respect,honor and love you all! So much has happened along the way-we are living  so richly! Moving through so many experiences is LIFE! Navigating through Dark Tunnels and “Wormholes” to experience the mirroring / shadow sides, to be embraced and absorbed  as we become more and more enlightened to ALL IS ONE; is not an easy journey! It IS exhilarating!  Yes,even that which is  feared /hated is part of self. As the saying goes “one cannot point a finger at someone /something without pointing 3 back at themselves”

The world is changing / moving faster every day. We all must stay in the highest vibrations of LOVE and COMPASSION, FORGIVENESS and JOYFUL CREATIVITY .From that space, we can together create and manifest a more Harmonious, Loving, Nurturing, Healing Vibration,which I believe is the best way to serve well-being as a whole, for our lives and the life of Mother Earth. Be AWARE,Guidance will show us the ways.I will help you RELEASE any blocks and  to REMAIN OPEN to RECEIVE Peace and Guidance with CLARITY.


AS many of you know, I like to use crystals from US miners and store owners.I prefer to sell crystals ecologically and ethically mined. Although Winter is a slower season for crystals, I have a WISH LIST of CRYSTALS going, TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT! Myself, Ian and my buyer are on the lookout for awesome affordable crystals!!

Call Text 204-1541  or FB message Meg essence about Saturday appointments.Please book ahead,only a few appointments left! Closed 12/17, 12/24 ( except for Oil or C rystal purchases in the morning)  and 12/31