The Higher Heart

The Higher Heart has really made an appearance; as current times has catapulted many fully into the 5th dimension! Higher Heart is where the spoken word resonates, and the use of sound resonates from here within the etheric body which has a powerful healing effect. This effect allows us ( if you allow the powerful healing through it ) to speak to all with love and compassion. The Higher Heart is a Higher Love which connects us to the emotions of Divine love, compassion, truth and forgiveness, with the area where language originates, allowing you to speak from the heart. You also will be communicating with Angels and Spirit Guides much easier!

If you are a healer, it is absolutely necessary to have another healer work with assisting you to ensure or validate that your Higher Heart is open. You can NOT reside in or work out of a Higher Heart if you haven’t worked with releasing your own trauma. Work to assure your Higher Heart is open and cleared. Especially now, with this Higher Transition the world is moving through! The Higher Heart supports your immune system; as it is the Thymus Chakra. When Cleared and Opened, it allows the Divine to easily flow through you to others. When your Higher Heart is open you will best be able to discern the boundaries of healing and won’t take on the dis-ease of those you work with. You won’t be drained or tired when you work. You will learn the healing energy flows through you, it’s not from you.You will have a Higher knowledge and awareness of when to lovingly let go of a client if they are not yet ready to do “ the work”.

4 Things that block the Higher Heart Chakra.

  • Feeling unworthy.
  • Mistrusting your magnificence
  • Mistrusting your feelings.
  • Not Knowing Your Purpose

The opening to the Higher Heart chakra begins when you recognize that personal power can only get you so far. You come to where you recognize that there is more to life. You begin too long for connection to something higher than the limited time-bound separate sense of self.

Green Fluorite

Use Green Fluorite, Apophyllite, Rose Quartz or any Pink Green or Blue Crystals that utilize Light.

More tomorrow!! Love You

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