Where went November?

So November is only 3 days now? I feel like it was the Full Moon, the election and then Thanksgiving. Now Dec 1 is the next Full Moon,this one in Gemini. Nice! Relating / Creating & Building Relationships. Communications. Words.Speaking ones Truth. Listening. Music. The Written Word. Stories.Theatre. Try to find ways to incorporate ALL of that into your daily lives and enjoy it!

My son, a Gemini, loves words. As he grew up, he surrounded himself with and immersed himself in theatre for about 20 years! He’s got quite a talent. In theatre he found one of his best ways to communicate and express himself and enjoyed the profound relationships of his theatre family! Now he has a wonderful job with wonderful people that appreciate his work in-yep, Communications and Relations! I admire how he found his way to live his best work, his best life~which is still evolving. This Full Moon, the grid I make will be in Tony’s honor to express gratitude and celebration for his promotion and continued success at his work! Love You Tony! I think it will look something like this.

TEA & TAROT is Tuesday Dec 1 at Erstwhile Studios LLC 510 5th St 5-9pm Come on in and enjoy a Lythomancy Read, or book a “mini” Chakra session! Gift Certificates available. And shop the store! It’s gifting season! I’m also at the store Thursday’s 5-9 I also do crystal artwork, grid art, living art, custom pieces. Let’s chat about creating your unique art piece with a purpose! See you soon. Happy Holidays!!

Experience Authenticity

Every Thursday 5-9 pm I am at Erstwhile Studios 510 5th St. I offer Lithomancy Reads $15 for 15 minutes. Lithomancy is the prophetic casting of stones. Have a question; at a crossroad perhaps?A well read Lithomancy read can offer some guidance. I offer Chakra Balance/Lightbody work which always includes Aromatherapy, & Sound Frequency Therapy with Tuning Forks, along with my highly evolved and very effective energy work. $30 & $60. I am a Certified Aromatologist, Aromachologist, Aromatherapist, Certified Sound Frequency Therapy Level two and I’ve been working with crystals and energy work for 47 years. I’ve worked in New York City. Paris France, Las Vegas NV and here! It will be amazing to work with you. See you soon. Thank you and many blessings!