Earth Star Chakra

As Above So Below. Go to the center of your Earth Star. Connect with Mother Earth at HER core and at the bottom of YOUR Root system. Your root chakra is located from the seat of the spine to your roots coming out of your feet. You move through lessons experiencing you/your light body here on Earth. The Earth Star chakra welcomes you to go deeper, to your Mother core / Earth core. You are most likely working on and clearing through your first chakra, Root Muladhara. Perhaps you are transforming through and out from the Dark Knight of the Soul and have been enlightened; you are lighter from releasing so much heaviness/weight/pain.You are allowing yourself to create the path forward & move on to the Earth Star. There’s more to release. You will be lighter still. As Above So Below. You will have acquired more knowledge; and so too-responsibility. Enjoy the Journey. It’s amazing; even though it may begin with another kind of Dark Knight.

Crystals for Connection to Earth Star: my Soul Stone is Garnet and Garnet is extremely useful for this journey. You will be transitioning out of red color stones. & into darker and darker stones reflecting Earth Root Nourishing rich dark soil, and mineral, with water and fire…Labradorite is a great stone,Larvikite, Blue Tiger Eye, Tourmaline, Obsidian, Hematite, Orthoceras, Petrified Wood, & clear Crystal. Meditate in nature.

The Higher Heart

The Higher Heart has really made an appearance; as current times has catapulted many fully into the 5th dimension! Higher Heart is where the spoken word resonates, and the use of sound resonates from here within the etheric body which has a powerful healing effect. This effect allows us ( if you allow the powerful healing through it ) to speak to all with love and compassion. The Higher Heart is a Higher Love which connects us to the emotions of Divine love, compassion, truth and forgiveness, with the area where language originates, allowing you to speak from the heart. You also will be communicating with Angels and Spirit Guides much easier!

If you are a healer, it is absolutely necessary to have another healer work with assisting you to ensure or validate that your Higher Heart is open. You can NOT reside in or work out of a Higher Heart if you haven’t worked with releasing your own trauma. Work to assure your Higher Heart is open and cleared. Especially now, with this Higher Transition the world is moving through! The Higher Heart supports your immune system; as it is the Thymus Chakra. When Cleared and Opened, it allows the Divine to easily flow through you to others. When your Higher Heart is open you will best be able to discern the boundaries of healing and won’t take on the dis-ease of those you work with. You won’t be drained or tired when you work. You will learn the healing energy flows through you, it’s not from you.You will have a Higher knowledge and awareness of when to lovingly let go of a client if they are not yet ready to do “ the work”.

4 Things that block the Higher Heart Chakra.

  • Feeling unworthy.
  • Mistrusting your magnificence
  • Mistrusting your feelings.
  • Not Knowing Your Purpose

The opening to the Higher Heart chakra begins when you recognize that personal power can only get you so far. You come to where you recognize that there is more to life. You begin too long for connection to something higher than the limited time-bound separate sense of self.

Green Fluorite

Use Green Fluorite, Apophyllite, Rose Quartz or any Pink Green or Blue Crystals that utilize Light.

More tomorrow!! Love You

Transformation of Chakras

I don’t work with Chakras the same way NOW as I did in the 90s, the 80s the 70s or even 2 years ago!

The Chakras are shifting again. Chakras are loosely described as the 7 energy centers of the body that turn like a wheel. Chakra is in fact “wheel” in Sanskrit. Each Chakra has a color, a sound frequency, and a meaning; along with its placement along the body from below the feet to above the head. When people learn this information they feel it is finite. It isn’t. Wheels turn. Everything changes. So do the Chakras. The swirling energy of light, & frequency is changing again. The world changes. The more people become enlightened, as social issues explode, as a pandemic becomes a vision in the rear view, the Chakras change too, the energy transforms.Therefore, those of us working with our own Chakras, or those of us healers who help others move their Chakras has to be very intuitive in how we work with those changes as well!

For me it’s easy. Not only do I have over 50 years of experience but I’m lucky in that I can see auras, see the thread of colors, hear the subtle changes in sound /frequency. The Chakras operate like the Kundalini-the energy doesn’t just turn, it spirals up and down the spine. Right now there are 15 Chakras visible!!! I’m going to briefly name the others here: 8-Higher Heart. 9-Earth Star. 10-Earth Core. 11-Universal Mother. 12- Solar Star. 13-Universal Father. 14-Atomic Doorway. 15-The Galactic Arena

In my next post we will start with information about awakening and working with your Higher Heart!

Blessings Be Love you!