More on the Kundalini

This new moon is a powerful one! Set your intentions with Love & Passion from deep within your soul!
You,awaken,you transform / yield to,an awareness,a new awareness-a state of being THAT is conscious-you are no longer unconscious. That’s it,a fluid state of being that you can move through at will-asleep,awake, asleep,awake…your conscious is not your soul.I am getting in touch, on a deeper level with Soul.Soul is also not Spirit,and Spirit can move the Soul,through it,in it, of it.So much is still unfolding with this Kundalini, DNA ascension.I see solitude,quiet, breathing, stillness,beauty,good aromas,clean food,lots of water,light,rest,the pool=these are the things I need to feed and nourish Soul. This is what I must sustain around me. I am  getting in touch with the passions buried deep within, the shadow side suppressed,and surprisingly still there. I see that I need to let go of the act of sacrifice.I can help when I choose to without sacrificing anything-my time health energy,money.That’s a strong energy current for me,how about you?
For many, our very foundation is falling apart,with radical change-erupting into a metamorphose…transformation.Along with our nation,Gaia-Mother Earth,whole belief systems,religion,monetary systems are crumbling/transforming now.Many have spoke of,know of this change coming-wake up (Kundalini) its now.
It may seem that people you know well,loved ones -you see another side (shadow sides),like:who IS that person-or may find yourself saying this about yourself! Everything is different now BOOM -a game changer,BIGTIME! As we allow the crumbling to crumble, it just freakin hurts ,it hurts deeply on so many levels;and then as we ascend,DNA changes,sound,light,life perceptions foundations cores truths everything changes-and so shifts,even the Chakras are shifting-the Earth is moving under feet in a magnitude we haven’t felt!
In addition to the all the incredible pain from the physical stuff,and all the emotional experiences,as well as the incredible changes in the spiritual journey and the body of work itself;the changes of sound,movement and light,colour is -wow,nothing short of an amazing light show experience that you see with great music at a palladium light show! You know the kind! Haha Yea i see beam of wonderful colour beams zipping by, or swirling or a small concentration of light bursting like right in front of me.Yea,hard to explain.I am amazed.Wake up and tune in folks- be warned,this is a strange high intensity part of the ride  WHHHEEEEE!electric_light_show_001_sig_by_ws76-d6d82cr

The Chakras are Changing??

I feel compelled to document these current experiences,lessons,visions,messages.

This is for a book I am working on-here are excerpts. Please,if anyone wants to share any of their own experiences,share in the comments section.I may include them in the book,with your permission.

I also have folks who are “bearing witness”to this transformation,this evolution that i am moving through.Some of the messages Im getting are absolutely NOT what my own mind would choose to believe-messages about Soul as apposed to Spirit, messages about Prayer,Devotion,and Scripture;that although we are experiencing this huge shift,this dismantling/this breakdown of all systems in this global 3D dimension-religious systems,financial systems,banking,medical,education etc..what MUST remain is original teachings-the scriptures from many / all cultures must remain,and we must be with those teaching one on one,using your own perceptions.Devotion to oneself and the devotion to God Goddess Gaia within,absolutely must be practiced DAILY-while at the same time-merging with knowledge gained from

I noticed some changes in the chakras, and changes within myself. An example of one is: while working with a client there was a “swirly” white gold light,very forceful,that twirled up out and the head. I was moving with that energy up through the 7th, then 8th -glimpse of 9th Chakra-my hand and forearm became invisible;which I then exclaimed to the client on the table”my hand is invisible,i cant see,I dont know what to do with this force!” yeah probably not such a good thing to say to a client while in your care-“I dont know what to do!” haha;to which she simply replied “I trust you”,not necessarily meant for me-and boom there the light force went ,right out the wall! While standing and looking at the wall -I said “I hope whoever s car is out there is all right.”and we both started laughing uncontrollably.Now although many interesting mystical,magical,experiences have happened with many during sessions,I said “THAT is a force I haven’t experienced,I cant walk with it” ( this statement, very soon, became something else entirely) I remained open of course and during meditation would ask this force “why are you with us now,what is it I/we need to know”?  Now,at the same time I was teaching meditation, I was also doing  my daily meditation practice.I felt blissful within-yet my outer world was breaking apart ( which Id known to be a reflection of inner world”so my daily meditation practice always included the request for: “What is it I need to know ?”;along with the declaration “I am open to receive.”

The third week of April,I woke up and could not walk.Literally,could not move my right leg forward to take a step: the areas of very lower back,pelvis, groin, hip, legs knee,toes- and inside like the womb ovaries, etc all felt THE MOST excruciating pain I could never imagine,worse then giving birth,worse then root canal-nothing was comparable! It was this electric shock,stabbing pain,& heat and sensations I cant even describe , and all other kinds of radiating pain moving ( the movement of it was a separate feeling but palpable-like a twisting,as though some one was ringing me out like a wet rag.) My chiropractor/ acupuncturist always called me twisted! HaHa,even he couldnt figure out what all was “going on”.The ex-rays were now showing my tailbone was very visibly off to the one side.An orthopedic that I was referred to first said you need hip and knee surgery asap and on second visit said no.We thought-what,this makes no sense! My chiro said I needed to demand an MRI,which I did,and that showed a fractured L5 vertebra  with a bulging L4,pinched nerves, among other things.Every nurse and doctor said -wow what happened,what kind of accident is this from? When I replied none,I woke up like this.They all then said: “no, this is from trauma.” They then all asked: “Are you in any abusive situations or relationships that you need help getting out of ?” I lingered over that, as I did not know how to answer. All the different types of abuses I survived through,flashed before me in a second! From abandonment,through emotional,financial & physical,sexual-all from various “important” relationships-the ones we are “supposed” to trust the most,father,step fathers,mother,husbands.I believed to my core that I dealt with it. I recognized it as something I “shouldn’t stand for”,even as a child, and instinctively fought my way out of all and got rid of all of them (except my Mom).I learned,created and knew my boundaries,my strength, my courage.I learned and gave forgiveness,to them and myself. So,what then is this that’s raising its head within me?

I am currently aligning allopathic medicine,from steroid epidural shots,physical therapy and medicine,which Ive hardly ever engaged in,with acupuncture, and the other holistic /complimentary medicines and supplements that Ive always trusted.   I immediately began working on my own sacral chakra. It was obvious some stone must have been left unturned. I must have missed something,so I went back. Our sacral chakra is about relationships (including with self),its about our careers,creativity,birthing everything from humans to ideas,survival as in”fight or flight” and money;how we stand on our own two feet in this world ,how we support ourselves,one another,and how we feel supported in this world.WELL, since my outer world was falling apart in all those arenas,and my body was breaking apart in that area,it made immediate sense to me that my second chakra was way out of balance. “How did that happen? “,I wondered.

Now,here’s where things get interesting.My Chakra work,the Chakras themselves,that system and the physics and the “laws” that govern it, along with the tools that I use (sound vibration,crystals,oils) when working with that system -is one of the “things” of life I trust the most in this dimension- isnt working to heal me!