In this section you will learn what a  personal crystal grid is. How they work. Which crystals to use. You will learn how to set Grids to assist in the flow of energy for specific outcomes for your body/ soul.

You will learn more about that as time goes on.There is so much for you to come to know.

You can set a grid pretty much anywhere; in an office, in a living room,under your bed,by your workstation or computer. Of course,as you learn more,you will learn which crystals NOT to put by electronics and NOT to put under your bed  ( crystals to bring UP your physical energy levels for example haha)! I will soon build a CRYSTAL PAGE where I will put info on different crystals so you will learn what they do,and that’s where I will soon put the pictures of new arrivals as well!

You will feel the crystals! Crystals are powerful tools,especially when mined properly(ecologically ethical), and cared for properly by the caretaker-YOU!

*Please check my YouTube channel on how to clear crystals! at Crystalessence1.

Even 1 crystal can have a powerful affect! Some people may say they have “side effects”.

However,I know instead, it is part of the healing process. Whenever you feel the need to shut down the energy,THATs when you cross your hands over your chest (Heart Chakra) or tummy (Solar Plexus). You may even need to remove a crystal and “plastic bag” it for a bit (shuts down the crystals energy)

One will almost immediately feel ENERGY TINGLES.Sometimes the energy just simply goes TO FAST, and one can have a tired feeling, or a headache come on. Depending on what area of the body we are working on (lets say for example Solar Plexus-your center of WILL & Power) if a powerful crystal is used there,especially on a beginner,they can have a QUICK clean out that can manifest as a tummy ache or possibly a loose stool. Nurture yourself,rest and drink water after crystal use and energy work;just as you would after a massage or exercise!

May I recommend you start with the gentle, loving,peaceful energy of Rose Quartz and Amethyst. A piece of each,palm sized or larger by your bed,for a recuperative and peaceful sleep is WONDERFUL A small polished pocket sized piece of each is great to carry around, or sit on your desk at work.This keeps negative talk and energy at bay, and brings peace and compassion to all situations.

More tonite on how to set a simple grid.For now I have to get to other work LOVE!!

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