Unique Crystal Artwork

Hi I love to create with crystals! Art with a meaningful & beneficial purpose. They are also unique and beautiful! These are just a couple of pieces for custom orders that I created since September. All the pieces I create are 1 of a kind ( just like you )! I carefully choose crystals that are ethically mined. I cleanse, sage & tone over them; then I charge them up in the light of the Moon. I create pieces for choice or will create a customized piece for you!

I am now taking orders for your Holiday Gift Giving Joy! We can create a piece with stones that represent you or a significant time in your life. We can create a piece from an important Lithomancy read you had with me, or something based on your sun or moon sign! We can create something for your decor~home or office! You can choose a specific background, color and type of framework, or you can give me an idea and I, along with the crystals, will create magic for you! Gift Certificates are available. Call me, Meg 712-204-1541, text or leave a message, email me sagemeg12@msn.com, Meg essence on FB also contact me through Erstwhile Studios LLC on FB Give something different this year!

Thank You, Much ❤️ & Happy Holidays! Please SHARE this information with your friends for all their gift giving needs! Maybe they will get you one!

Halloween Lithomancy starts tonite!

Painting “ The Journey” by Emma Mount

This Full Moon Halloween, try something NEW and FUN; Enlightening and Beneficial! Treat yourself to a Lithomancy Read or make it a small group party! Individual or groups are $15. pp for 15 minutes! Lithomancy is the prophetic casting of stones-read expertly by MEG. Divine guidance from arch angels, spirit guides and ancestors are called in, and through the stones/crystals, offer suggestions and recommendations on the next steps you can take on your journey to reach your goals and dreams.You can book with MEG at ERSTWHILE STUDIOS LLC 510 5th St. Sioux City IA. Please go to their FB page. OR book with MEG essence FB. Be the one who tries something different this year! Available on Thurs 10/29 5-9 walk ins available. Friday 10/30 5-9 by appointment. Friday time slots will go fast, so please book early! Happy Halloween! 🎃🧟‍♀️👻💀

Meg is available for Lithomancy, ( Certified ) Chakra Balance Lightbody work that always includes Aromatherapy, Sound Therapy, Crystal vibrational healing EVERY Thursday 5-9pm AND 1st Tues Tea & Tarot at Erstwhile Studios LLC 510 5th St Sioux City IA. On 1st Tues Tea and Tarot you can sample “ mini” reads, and Chakra work for only $10.00! Come on by and meet the awesome team! No charge to have a tea, and then try out some services, check out the store! We are here to help and lighten your vibration! Gift Certificates and Savings packages are available.

MEG essence is also available for weekday appointments, local, in your home, Mon-Fri 8am-8pm. Meg essence on FB 712-204-1541 leave message or text. **Want something unique and really special for yourself, loved one, friend or workplace-MEG essence creates unique art using beautiful crystals, framed, matted, in a shadow box, on wood; custom orders, and Living Art. Shipping available. Let’s Talk! I can choose crystals to represent you, or capture a time space meaningful to you, or we can create a piece based on your Lithomancy read, or a piece to bring balance / harmony to your home or workplace. The crystals used in the art are chosen carefully by me, from ethically mined sources. Then cleansed, cleared, and charged with toning, tuning forks and the moon; before being used in each piece. I do not use products like gorilla or super glue in my creations. Pieces start at $55 for a 5×7. Contact Meg essence at FB Meg essence, 712-204 1541 please text or leave a message, sagemeg12@msn.com or through my site here http://www.crystalessence1.wordpress.com. Thank You and Many Blessings❤️

Good Morning!

I just completed this beautiful sound therapy meditation! Try it for yourself and check out Mei-lan, she is wonderful! I sat with my Pine Tree Jasper and Mahogany Obsidian to ground and welcome home-to self. Love you all!


Please, contact me for Crystal Art, Living Art, Chakra Balance Lightbody work, Sound Frequency Vibrational therapy, Lithomancy

FB Meg essence, 712-204-1541

Or at Erstwhile 510 5th St Sioux City Thurs Eves 5-9 Specials going on right now! FB Erstwhile Studios LLC

Gift Certificates available.

New Moon 10/16


Good morning everyone.May the day be a blessing, and shed light upon your intentions! I like to make a list of mine the day before the New Moon. The written word holds a different power then the voice. Then I am ready to set my intentions forth with clarity, send them up to the stars! I like to set a grid with crystals; chosen to further energize my intentions. I then voice them to my ancient ancestors, my angels, my spirit guides,& the Divine Source~like a chant or a prayer! Then, I trust. I take the actions I’m guided to take to start bringing those intentions to reality. I want to see the divine action plan moving forward by the Full Moon.

So tell me some of your intentions? What do you want to create next in your life?

Tonite, as every Thursday, I will be at Erstwhile 510 5th St Sioux City 5-9 pm. I have a couple of openings left between 5-7. The new Moon is a great time to have a Lithomancy Read! Lithomancy is the prophetic casting of stones. It’s fun! It’s an enlightening experience! Come try something you’ve never tried before. It’s only $15-whatcha waiting for 😉! Oh yes and don’t forget, the New Moon is a great time to clean and charge up your crystals!

Trust, Experience, Authentic

I feel the weariness, the fatigue, the sadness. Underneath that I feal the anger; and a tad deeper~the hidden fears. From the collective to the individual, the one to the many, all is a multi-faceted transformation; and it’s not gentle is it?!

Many are living remotely in rote behavior. I get it. I feel it too. As souls existing in human form, we are not meant to be isolated for stretches of time; simultaneously having a barrage of negative media and propaganda coming at us from all direction, as we try to Zoom in ” alone together”. So, here we find ourselves. We are all transforming and creating a new way of living. It could be better served vibrating together in harmony! Therefore, it is in our best interest to NOT tune out or shut down for very long. We need our energy! We need to Create / Re-Create / Co-Create! We need to work with our being every day. We can raise our vibrational energy every day. When we do,we can add clarity and joy to our process of creation! Our new creations-from the one to the many will be gentle, loving, kind, joyful and satisfying. Our individual world and our collective world will be so much better!

I have 47 years experience with Chakra Balance, Lightbody vibrational healing. I have evolved this energy work through the years; in New York City, Paris & Poussay France and here in Sioux City.

I use a multi-faceted technique that effectively aligns with our unique blocks, in places we get stuck and limit ourselves. I get that stagnate energy moving, so we can release it. Then I can assist you in raising your vibration in the opening process to receive! You will then tune into your higher frequencies to clarify your divine guidance. Then the work goes deeper and continues on ” out there”,when you incorporate the transformation into your daily life!

I thank you for the trust this requires and I honor that.

I can’t wait to co-create this new way of living. Our new world! From the one, to the many!

Highest Regards

❤️, Meg

FB Meg essence please like and share!PM me regarding appointments or custom art. Call/text 712-204-1541MEG offers her services Thursday Eves. 5-9 pm 1st Tuesday’s Tea & Tarot Erstwhile Studios LLC 510 5th St Sioux City IA

FB Ertswhile Studios LLC for appointments. Please like and share page

Specials & Gift Certificates

Hi everybody! I’m so happy to be home with you all in Sioux City! I hope to visit with many of you soon! Happy Autumn! Aren’t these days just gorgeous!
It’s time for your Chakra Balance-you need tuned up🎼?!
I see how you’re feeling~overwhelmed,out of sorts, so you are kind of shutting down, tuning out with worries & fatigue.
I got you! I can help you relax,realign, revive!
Your Chakra Balance can help you
*StabIlize, Ground
*Improve Creativity
*Improve Relationships
*Improve Work Satisfaction
*Improve Work/Life Balance
*Focus, Organize

  • Honor Yourself, keep your promises to yourself – then others.
  • Let Go
  • Releave Anxiety
  • Reduce Worry
    *Love Yourself
    *Live within Honesty & Authenticity
    *Improve Energy
    *Improve Sleep
    *Revive Joy
    *Help with Grief, Loss
    *Improve Communication
    *Connect with Divine Source
    *Align you with your Purpose
    *Reduce Physical Aches and Pains

A Chakra Balance w/me includes aromatherapy, crystal therapy and sound frequency therapy with binaural beats.

** Season Special 10/15, 10/22, 10/29**
Sessions are $10 off!!
1/2 Hour $20. 1 Hour $50
Season Special Packages Available
So you can save even more!
4 1/2 Hour $75. 4 1 Hour $195.
*Packages must purchased during Season Special and completed in 4 months

*Gift Certificates available now for
Erstwhile Studios
510 5th St 712-251-1573
Check Out Their Facebook Page
Meg Essence 712-204-1541
See you soon, Thank You!

Global Oneness Summit Event Schedule | Humanity’s Team

Global Oneness Summit 2020 and International Shout Out Love Day are focused on spiritual growth through spiritual activism. Presenting free education and cultural diversity with over 70 speakers. Join us on this 8-day spiritual journey in a spiritual community.
— Read on www.humanitysteam.org/global-oneness-summit-event-schedule

At Erstwhile!

510 5th St Sioux City IA I’m here tonite,Thurs 10/8, doing Lithomancy reads or Chakra Balance Lightbody work! Thank you to all who came on Tues for our Tea and Tarot! That event is on the first Tues of EVERY month. It’s a great time to stop in, enjoy a cup of tea & meet the team, see all we offer here! Try mini readings or sessions for a minimal fee. Or you can book an appointment with me for any Thurs eve. 5-9 pm Just go to the Erstwhile Studios Facebook page and book there, or text /call me at 712-204-1541 to book your appointment!

Lithomancy – The prophetic casting of stones. We sit with the stones in meditation for a few mins. Then you cast the stones on a table and I read them for you. They help you have a deeper understanding of where you are now, and what the next steps to your future are! In these uncertain times, it’s comforting to open to the guidance offered from your angels and ancestors and spirit guides. $15 for $15 minutes

Chakra Balance Lightbody work with crystals and sound frequency therapy. This is the work I’ve created and done for 47 years! I hear you, everyone is coping with feelings of confusion, anxiety, frustration, uncertainty, loss of energy, depression-these are amazing and overwhelming times! A chakra balance will really help you relax, release, refuel and gain clarity, positive energy and feel joyful! Make an appointment with me for Thursday’s 5-9. You will be happy you did! 1/2 hour $25. 60mins $50.

I ll briefly give you an idea of what a read is like. So the Rose Quartz is closest to the person having the read. This stone represents her and the space she’s in now. She has a loving and generous heart. She is coming from an intention of love. She’s learned to love and honor self. The Blood Stone and Apache tear stones in the right indicates this person has gone through family trauma. The middle Citrine says she called back her power and took action toward
healing and healing her heart as shown by the Moss Agate The blue Angelite stone with the Amethyst shows she has good intuition and connection / communication with divine source and wisdom. Also a “ watcher “ or protector, a male-a very grounded and wise individual watches over her and protects her. That’s the Tiger Iron Ore stone off to the right. She has a creative dream, or goal that she is going to achieve and manifest into reality as indicated by the outcome stone the Cinnabar. Come try one!