A Lythomancy Read

Lythomancy, often spelled Lithomancy is an old tradition of divination to guide you to your future. It is the casting of stones. The following is my read for myself this morning.

How I do a reading for myself and for others: I put crystals in a bag. Light a candle and meditate on allowing spirit guides,elders, and angels to come to the round table, and to bring guidance. I then put my hand in the bag pull out whatever stones come to me and cast them. The stone closest represents the person being read for, and where the person is right now. The rest of the stones are read according to actions one can take and what can unfold.

The stones in this read are: Garnet, Sodalite, Malachite, Blue Calcite, Kyanite, Herkimer,Pyrite, Chalcedony, Angelite and Turquoise.

Briefly what I interpret is: Garnet is me A stone of strength and courage one who lives in gratitude w the call to help others too. The pattern makes me think of a ladder. The ladder is balanced to allow me to hold onto it and climb the steps I need to take. Sodalite enhances communication and art through written word. Pyrite encourages luck & abundance. Malachite offers protection for my intention.Kyanite protects communication / truths. Excellent balance for writers speakers and performers. Herkimer is a very high vibration stone that clears and heals and brings one to divine source. Chalcedony brings joy and fluidity.Angelite is another communication stone through heightened awareness and perception, great for healers and reminds us our guides are always with us. Turquoise ( a possible outcome, since it’s the stone furthest away ) is yet another communication stone; intuition, patience, protection especially of feminine energies, creativity, empathy and wisdom.

Put it all together and it means: hold onto the values of what I know to be true: my intentions are good, I am balanced, guided, intuitive, creative, protected and then take those steps that will get me to the next level: trust that I am always in communication with divine source, my intuition and perceptions are in a very high vibration, I am continually cleared and healed. I will get to where I need and want to go through written word and various sources of communication that I haven’t believed in working with before. The guidance says go for it and believe!

I am wanting to offer live Lythomancy reads through messenger or on my YouTube channel that I’m setting up. I’m looking into how to set up PayPal for this.I will be up and running with this as soon as I can!

Or we can do one together live on our phones for right 😁👍🏻

$15 for 15 minute reads Let’s set up a time! Trust me, you all will LOVE working with the stones!!

Have a blessed day❤️

The Journey

Hi all! The last time I posted was way back in June. Since then I have taken many journeys in my life; inward, outward and ever onward. That’s what happens when you work with Moldavite, Phenakite and Star Ruby crystals.

I went to visit my family in NY in July. I My son traveled there too from Chicago. He brought his girlfriend ( fabulous woman!) – we were excited to meet for the first time. It was party time in NY, as it was my niece Riss’s HS graduation. There were many reunions of friends and family! It was a very special time. We had loads of fun! I didn’t want to leave! Should I move ” home” to NY?

Back home in Sioux City a plan was manifesting, seemingly out of the blue! An opportunity to move to Las Vegas! What?!? Yep. My friend found an amazing place, and we talked about moving and living together. Navigating aging and all that comes with it, is much gentler if you travel that road with a friend! Everything just lined up and by the end of August we were on the road starting another journey.

Vegas is marvelous madness and beauty and amazing food and art and mountains and fun! It’s an amazing city. We love our neighborhood.

Of course there are unforeseen challenges; things we could not have known until it rolled out but we are facing them. One exceptionally difficult challenge is that I ( seemingly ) can’t offer my life’s work here! WHAT?? Yep In Vegas, energy work, sound therapy, Lythomancy, crystal energy healing, meditation, aromatherapy ALL of it requires a psychic license, and aim not a psychic! Plus other licenses and my certifications are not acknowledged! Hmm wowza-what now? This is a DEEP journey inward for me as I’ve always been a healer! How do I not do this? What is the Universe saying? My Lythomancy reads on myself have many blue stones in them ( angelite, blue chalcedony, turquoise, sodalite, lapis ) which all indicate communication. I believe I need to offer my healing services in a new ( for me) way. A very wise woman in Sioux City ( hi Amy!) told me BEFORE I left to ” offer Lythomancy reads on YouTube, sell your crystals on line” .

I think I’m ready. So I’m creating a new YouTube channel and will be doing crystal sales on FB with live feeds as well.

What do you all think??

It’s good to be back on the blog