Jennifer C

I, Meg, took liberty of editing out some of this, as it came to me as a 2 page letter! I am very grateful to Jenn for her thoughts-Thanks Jenn!

An aesthetically pleasing healing experience! Meg has been working with me for 6 months, and I have seen and felt the difference in how I perceive and interact with my world. I LOVE everything about the session! The sights,the smell of the E/Os,the tuning forks,and bi-neural beats,and the vibrational feel of the healing crystals on and around the body! During the sessions I can physically and emotionally feel the work being done as she opens and balances the Chakras.I see beautiful colors while in a deeply relaxed meditative state during sessions. Since our overall health and well being is our responsibility-Meg honors this with not giving a specific time frame of how many times a week , month or year to come back for another session. Meg says this is all part of “the work” You tuning into and listening to you,taking action,following through.Another thing Meg likes to remind us of , in her NY accent is:”Rememba,the work is not done when the session is ova!” and “I aint draggin no dead body’s I dont heal you; I guide you, walk with you, hold the daws (chakras) open faw you -YOU gotta do the work!” Her sessions are very affordable and worth 100 X’s the cost! To steal one of Oprahs ideas of “Favorite Things” this would be #1 on my list! We are very fortunate to be blessed with Megs skills,expertise,decades of knowledge in our community people-dont let her,or yourself slip away by shelving this experience for “later”…