Lithomancy is the reading of stones. I have used stones, rocks, crystals for over 50 years for comfort,for their beauty,for personal growth,for business with my Chakra Balance work,in meditation, for home decor, to carry,to sleep with. Crystals, Stones are beautiful to look at,and comforting to be with.Children immediately know this,and folks who know nothing of the mineralogy of rocks or the folk lores and meaning crystals have historically held-knows that they feel comfort, peace, or joy when being around them.

On  this June’s new moon at 3:33 i cast my first reading.The time had arrived for this evolution. I have a long history of working with stones which includes teaching and speaking about stones. I wasn’t really surprised to be awakened and called to the stones to relate with them and allow them to relate this way to YOU,at this stage of the journey.

I have  maintained a few clients from my NYC ,”Pyramid ltd” business days from the 80s, as well as friends from NY and UK,Fla.,and elsewhere that have sought my energy work and guidance throughout the years-from a distance. I felt Chakra energy work over the phone or via Skype was not for me,as I felt,if not the client,it rendered the work less effective.Whether it was the electronic energy “pollution” stream that merges when working that way; or the fact that I relied so much on seeing the colors of the aura change as I moved with them,Im not certain-but i felt they weren’t getting the very best as they did in person.Anyone who is present as I work on a loved one says that the movement I do when working with a persons energy is like a beautiful dance! Then also, the Tuning Forks, the Crystals and the essences were on my side only of the “stream”.They could not participate in the smells of the essences,nor the subtle vibration and sound frequency from the crystals and tuning forks on their body,something is definitely lost in translation. Unfortunately,ALOT of the healing energy movement that is  quite effective in person, is truly not much effective at all over a distance.YET,people wanted it,and so they found people to do it for like $250.00  per hour,stating that it takes so much energy out of them to do this distance healing -OH THE EGO GHHHhahah -thank you, I do so love to laugh! What nonsense.

SO, they  again come to me,as well as locals come, and say to me “just through your communication I feel guidance” -“can you just listen to me/my family and then just tell me stuff I need to know?” I love that line:) Thank you so much for your confidence,however I am not a licensed therapist:)  NOW I feel on that new moon day, that the stones themselves called me to a way I CAN just listen to you,cast the stones and give you the guidance, direction, or validation you need; as well as a way to expand your awareness, your expression and the ways in which you are able to communicate with the Holy Spirit, your Spirit Guides, Angels and Tune Into the rhythms and harmonies that raise YOUR vibrations.THE BEST IS, I CAN help those at a distance with this technique! I can cast the stones for you globally-via FaceTime or ways that YOU are able! THIS is my new website and blog. I will be creating a YouTube channel,and adding paypal and then the cube to my paying options.

I also still do Chakra Balance sessions,Sound Vibration / Frequency healing with Tuning Forks and breathe work, meditation, and essences, ALL personalized for every individual. Authentic, Certified and serving you for 50 years! Call me for an appointment Day, Eves, Weekends!

Sioux City and all surrounding areas COME, please, EXPERIENCE the Casting of Stones for YOURSELF.  Ive been here working with you since 1996 Help me grow.                           PRICING IS FOR EVERYONE!

$15.00 3 stones 15 mins.$30.00 6-7 stones 30 mins.$60.00 8-12 stones 60 mins.   *INTRODUCTORY PRICE $45.00 8 or more stones 60 mins save $15.00 now thru 8/15/16

I work with families as well! Think about this at times of transformation like: marriage or divorce,recovering from illness or addiction, a birth or death in a family, children moving away, buying or selling a home,life cycle transformations,also celebrations,holidays,woman gatherings, spiritual retreats-and anytime we feel doubtful or hopeful with the unknowns.

Blessings always from Meg, ROCK WITH YOU 1106 4th st Sioux City IA
712 204-1541 or FaceTime Thank You