Meditation 1

This week we looked at a a variety of meditation styles and methods. We then did a 25 min Visualization method of meditation with the purpose of creating and manifesting a sacred place where you can always find yourself again and again; where your area is always safe,and no one can enter this sacred space unless you invite them in, and they are only there when you are. You can call upon the energy and recreate / appear/manifest/materialize in this space again and again for any length of time.

Meditation is a practice-an art/science/heart/physics kind of practice that you literally practice every day.This allows you better health of mind/body/spirit and allows you to open yourself more,reveal more,release more on your journey! This practice began and was further developed in the Eastern Cultures with a documented history of several thousand years.Meditation can be done in a sitting position,or a standing/repetitive movement style.Now meditation has become cross-cultural,with many mixes and blends of traditional styles and methods.Most practices are effortless,evidence based,and standardized for effectiveness.

TM-Transcendental Meditation-often mistakenly thought to be in the realm of astral projection,out of body travel meditation, its more about rumination.At least 10 mins 2xs a day

Prayer Meditation,Beads,Prayer Flags,Rosary,stations of the cross,prayes while lighting candels.

Zen-Series of poses/positions.Deliberate concentrated movement.Oldest on record.

Taoist Abstract yet practical Counted navel breaths.

Buddhist and Hindu-Deliberate seated positions.Can include Chaotic Breathing and other mindful breath techniques.Can include Toning with Mantra/Chanting

Kundalini-A form of rising the “Life Force”; an ALL / ONENESS  life force.Connects also to Mother Earth. It is represented as a snake curling and rising up from the Earth to,and the up, your spine.

Mindfulness-Deliberate repetitive movement of any kind,jogging, walking,knitting,washing dishes,eating.You BE, apply yourself and all senses to the present moment.There is only now.

Visualization-Visualize- SEEING in your minds eye-like a sacred space, or pac-men eating germs or illnesses,or your next accomplishment or creation be birthed,the next part of the journey!

Chanting/Toning-Sounding a “note” a vibration/frequency which defines it as such,to release stored or blocked energy and allow expression of your truth and creativity.

Chakra Meditation. A breath and visual color (that match the balanced color of each Chakra) technique to get in tune and balance your energy quickly-like if angered or hurt.

Vipasana -Within the Buddist form -means to see clearly,cleanses impurities from the mind,body soul.

Many cross cultural and westernized forms- within forms of meditation, are born from traditional methods and styles.Meditation is still being studied,documented and evolving. Its important to note that meditation in itself – is not a religion,its not magic; meditation is between you and you and wherever you allow the opening process and practice of meditation to bring you. Peace



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