Meditation 2

Meditation 2

Toning & Breath

A focused controlled breathing helps to keep the mind / body functioning at its optimum best. A focused breath keeps blood pressure low,helps to de-stress,reduce anxiety,anger, a number of behaviors.A controlled breath can assist in increasing awareness of the mind body connection,and the benefits on working with breathing and or toning to increase wellnes of the respiratory,lung, heart, circulatory,mind / spirit / awareness.

Focused Breath:*Begin In nose,and out mouth to any count.For example-Breathe in 1,2,3; then breath out 1,2,3,4. Always try to breath out a bit longer then you  in.

*Try Alternate nostril breathing.Place your thumbpad over one nostril,and the fingerpad of your 3rd finger (long finger) over your other nostril-open one,breathe in,close it off,open/release breathe out the other nostril.Repeat.Note how this makes you feel.

*Abdominal / Diagram breathing.Lie down, placer hands over your  tummy-in the middle,between the ribs.Breathe in and out of this area of your body.Practice, focusing on the breath there. Then practice transferring it from that diaphragm area, up into the lungs.You will then feel the ribcage expanding too.Practice this type of breathing,and see how you feel.


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