Some beautiful new friends!  Im setting a GRID with these natural Citrines and Peridots and Hiddenites. These are working stones. I think I will wrap a couple of the others,like this Bloodstone:img_0361


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Daily Energy Read 9/15

Good Morning ALL! Thanks for reading! Todays Lithomancy (casting of stones) shows it is opening up a very positive day! This is occurring from the “lay low-go inward” time that we were guided to do yesterday,that we ARE  being guided to explore as we lead up to this Pisces Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse. Those who are seeking this guidance,to awaken to YOUR TRUTH, your soul purpose and your EXPRESSION OF IT, really are being “begged’ by creator and the universal source energy to HEAR / HEED this  guidance now!  BY doing the “work”; the pondering,the meditation, seeing / feeling the synchronicitys, ETC -THEN THIS DAY will turn your life around! It will change your life path! You will get on the right,most direct route to what you wish to achieve,to meet your goals.IF you are trying to ignore that voice inside you / your “conscience”/ your spirit guide / your angels, DONT ignore it. IF you are hiding out,not trying to look at your truth,or GO FOR your truthful goal / your true expression of self DONT. The time is NOW. Even if it feels really difficult or overwhelming,heed the guidance and make this change. YOU won’t regret it,and neither will the people that love you, care about you; and there is a sense that in some way,it will touch many, in a truly positive and joyful way!  GET GOING! ENJOY THIS BEAUTIFUL DAY!

The cast includes; 3 Citrines,a Star Ruby, a Cuprite, A Lapis Lazuli,a Turquoise, and a Malachite.

(note that as we move through the energy’s,just like a weather forecast there will be ups and downs.Let me help you navigate these energies for fullest benefit! Make your appointment for Metaphysical Council,LightBody Energy Work, SoundTherapy,Crystals, Lithomancy, Aromatherapy essence blends. 712 204-1541


9 / 14 Energy Read

The stones in the read: starting on the left,moving counterclockwise Cinnabar Garnet,Garnet,Lapis Lazuli,Sodalite,3 stones touchinf=Heatite,Black Jade,Star Ruby, Obsidian and Azurite,Tiger Iron Ore,Sodalite,and kind of in the middle=healers gold. Our Lithomancy (the casting of stones) energy read for today tells us to lay low.We can’t find our footfall on the path.We are unsteady in our gait.We are doubtful,things feel so uncertain.Things that seem true and solid one minute,vanishes into thin air the next. Just go inward,remain calm,find YOUR truth,YOUR center.Love yourself-be helpful to another.Only those two actions will bring profound transformation.Don’t make big decisions or choices today.You know I think we feel the energy of a full moon for a couple days before and after. Its like a crescendo,and then the resonance, in its intensity.Especially with this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces; Finding,Knowing, Owning and Expressing our TRUTH is the theme of this Full Moon.So that could very well mean some secretive,or dark intensity arising.Its really ok! Ride it through to the light by beginning to go to a STILLPOINT and looking within.

Thanks for reading! To help navigate this awareness,these emotions, I suggest you  make an appointment with me for Metaphysical Council,LightBody Energy work,SoundTherapy,Crystals, Essences,Lithomancy. This work can help you to release that which you no longer need,and open to receive abundant blessings,help you to navigate to finding YOUR truth. See your TRUTH with Joy and express it. Call / Text Meg 712 204-1541,This will be a powerful weekend to experience energy work! Appointments open Friday,Saturday,Sunday.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Pisces

Good Day all! Full moon is Fri. Please DONT FORGET to get crystals in the light of the Full Moon Especially the Amethysts,Obsidians,Black Tourmalines, Hematite,Black Jade and the metals that don’t go in the sun.Cleanse if they need ( and can be in Sea Salt Water) rinse and then SMUDGE with Sage. I have Sweet Sage available and small Moonstones,Bloodstone,Green Jade,as well as other Crystals should YOU choose to set a grid. This Grid Ive set is to Honor this Full Moon in Pisces and the Lunar Eclipse.  Seeing the TRUTH is very important this full moon-The Truth Will Set You Free! You can meditate on this grid if you need as well! Many Blessings and I ll see you at Tues Eve Meditations 7-8 pm. Please call 712 204-1541 for an appointment with me. Metaphysical Council,Energy Lightbody Work,SoundTherapy,Lithomancy,Meditation LOVE!photo-on-9-13-16-at-3-34-pm

Your Energy Read 9 / 12

Good morning! Thanks for reading! Today is another Virgo like energy day,with work and practicality ruling the day! Your almost excited to approach the work of your day;whether its your home work day with projects, the lawn,laundry etc or your  job/career work day,or looking for work day. You face the day head on,with your balanced and refreshed efforts. Work seems breezy and simple today.Today your frame of mind is one of diligence.Your creative mind is also in practical energy mode. I,for an example of this energy,am going to a creative writing class tonight.Once again,the stones indicate a collaborative effort is favored,so delegate,listen to,as well as express your ideas thoughts and opinions.Communication will be simple and simply understood and followed through on. Tonight there is a calm,relaxed vibe with a sense of accomplishment. A perfect energy for a Monday Id say! Nothing Earth shattering,and a good day! Enjoy!

Tomorrow Tues 9 / 13 is FREE CRYSTAL GRID MEDITATION 7-8pm, your welcome to stay and chat or share stones,stories for a bit if you wish after.

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Your Energy Read 9/10

Lithomancy -The casting of stones,shows how the energy will play out for today.

The cast reads a beautiful day ahead! Its a day to be around people,to work on projects with people,be at live concerts,theater events, rallies, family gatherings and the like. People will be balanced,open,friendly-the energy will flow smoothly,nothing is labored. A day of unexpected prosperity and abundance!  A great day to meet new people-significant people,likeminded individuals that are part of your “tribe” Also a day of beauty if you create art of any type or music.Add your energy to this day! See and be seen,be out and about! Enjoy this wonderful day!

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Your Energy Read for 9/9

Todays read shows ENDING. Something is finally over,or was in the process of ending;and the grief, loss, confusion, anger and other energy associated with this ending as you were coming into acceptance of this,is over.DONE. Your good with this ENDING now,and you are ready willing and able to move on with a totally new frame of mind! Your better for this! And then abruptly the stones and the layout of the cast takes a turn and they show that,like magic,in the blink of an eye that the moment this becomes crystal clear to you-BAM,your on your way.Its TRANSITION time! A NEW BEGINNING! It feels like instantly,you’re  in another dimension.A whole new world appears and everything syncs and moves differently here! Theres Balance, Love, Beauty, Creativity, Romance the Arts,Harmony,Good Communication,Good people come into your life,Good Luck shows up! This TRANSITION will be going on and on for quite some time,the stones indicate months,perhaps years?! WOW! YOU have to open your eyes, your heart,the energy-you can feel it, it’s right here! Take those chances -that big leap of faith,with love and joy and gratitude in your heart! Now is not the time to hem and haw and be practical and think of every last detail.Take that chance,allow that change! Many Blessings!

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Love and Blessings!