New Moon 7/20/20 Come Home to Self

Ahhh a relaxing new moon in Cancer!! Relaxing-imagine that. Such gratitude for this new moon energy especially after all the intensity and those eclipses and retrogrades!

The New Moon is a time for new beginnings! Cancer is a water element ruled by the moon. The best crystals for this new moon will represent all three; Mother Moon,Cancer and Water. I’d like to recommend Chalcedony for the water element, as this stone vibrates to a very calming frequency. I can just hear the sound of the ocean as it moves in and out upon the shore. Chalcedony absorbs and carries away any negativity. I use Moonstones in every full moon or new moon grid, as Moonstones have such a magical transformative quality with them. They are so nourishing and sensual. They are the birthstone of Cancer. For the Cancer element, I love Carnelian or Red Jasper. They raise the creative energies, and bring one courage and mastery of skill! One can also choose Rose Quartz, Ruby, Star Ruby, or Emerald to wear or set in a grid.

May we all experience love, healing and many blessings!

Cancer New Moon Crystal Grid

Full Moon April 2020

Libra Full Moon aka Full Pink Moon, the first FullMoon of Spring. Balance. Gratitude. Yes gratitude especially at this time of the Covid-19 virus. We are grateful if we are working for being of essential service at this time. If we are laid off, we are grateful for the swift unemployment, & the stimulus checks, and all the many saving graces offered at this time. We have so many blessings even in the midst of horror! We have our families, our pets, our friends, our neighbors, our community coming together in new ways! We have more time to cook, create, listen to music, meditate, read, write, play games, time to BE just BE. Stop DOING. We see and experience more balance. We see we don’t “need” so much. We see Mother Earth healing, we heal.

To those who have lost someone to this virus, we grieve with you.

The crystals used in this grid are mostly blue stones like Labradorite, Angelite, Blue Calcite and others. Pink stones like Rose Quartz for the Full Pink Moon. Opal, Star Ruby, Cinnabar for gratitude of the mirror image and balance and healing brought into our lives personally, and globally. May we learn embrace the gifts offered us and move forward in love with lessons learned and healed. Thank you!


Unhurt, Unstruck,Unbeaten

Carry GREEN crystals of any kind!

Use Eucalyptus, Pine or Rose essential oils.

The above YouTube link is a beautiful Anahata Heart Chakra Ahhhh chant / tone to its 432HZ frequency. It’s beautiful. Thank You to its creator! Listen and “”ahhhh” along! Breathe!

We can do this on our own daily; OR we can do it together daily in a group tone here thru my blog, or FaceTime, or Instagram – whatever works!

Tone together for healing ourselves and the world!

Every Eve we can meet up about 7:45,(about 5:45 for some of my eastern friends / family) and do this for 5 mins!

Try it for 2 weeks!

What are your thoughts on this?




COVID-19= Lung ,4th Chakra

I was prepping some Aries crystals for a new moon grid.

It came to me to rather set a grid for grief. This Covid -19 pandemic is affecting the lungs which encompass the heart centre, 4th Chakra.

The spiritual and metaphysical side of many of the symptoms of this virus that’s affecting the lungs,is seen as breath holding. What makes you hold your breath? Constant breath holding, or shallow breathing is from being in a state of emotional hurt, with a sense of giving up and fear of living life fully. The mucous, which often accompanies these conditions is a physical manifestation of unshed tears.

Grief is so often an underlying component of the constitutional type of the patient with respiratory issues.

If we look back through the family history not only may we see asthma, bronchitis, hayfever, emphysema, but we see grief. This may be grief over several generations – death, loss, abandonment, orphaned children – all of these I have seen in clients with respiratory problems.

The above grid is set for healing.

Mostly it makes use of Amber, Rose Quartz, Green Calcite w so many others. Just ask me if you want to know more about the crystals. I also have crystals for sale!

Blessings to all.

Breathe In Breathe Out

One way, Or another

Happy Crystals & a Full Moon Grid

Celebrating the full moon in Leo is Labradorite, Ruby Zoisite, Sandstone, Peach Moonstone, Opal on a bed of Amber! This grid celebrates strength, optimism, enhanced intuition and luck! I certainly need all of that right now!

On the green bowl, the Black Tourmaline protects and clears person and space from dense negative energy; the Green Tourmaline heals the heart, the beautiful chevron double pointed clear quartz will amplify and direct those energies into manifestation.

I meditated and toned over these as I sat them in the full moon and then the morning sun rose on them!

Have a great day all.

A Lythomancy Read

Lythomancy, often spelled Lithomancy is an old tradition of divination to guide you to your future. It is the casting of stones. The following is my read for myself this morning.

How I do a reading for myself and for others: I put crystals in a bag. Light a candle and meditate on allowing spirit guides,elders, and angels to come to the round table, and to bring guidance. I then put my hand in the bag pull out whatever stones come to me and cast them. The stone closest represents the person being read for, and where the person is right now. The rest of the stones are read according to actions one can take and what can unfold.

The stones in this read are: Garnet, Sodalite, Malachite, Blue Calcite, Kyanite, Herkimer,Pyrite, Chalcedony, Angelite and Turquoise.

Briefly what I interpret is: Garnet is me A stone of strength and courage one who lives in gratitude w the call to help others too. The pattern makes me think of a ladder. The ladder is balanced to allow me to hold onto it and climb the steps I need to take. Sodalite enhances communication and art through written word. Pyrite encourages luck & abundance. Malachite offers protection for my intention.Kyanite protects communication / truths. Excellent balance for writers speakers and performers. Herkimer is a very high vibration stone that clears and heals and brings one to divine source. Chalcedony brings joy and fluidity.Angelite is another communication stone through heightened awareness and perception, great for healers and reminds us our guides are always with us. Turquoise ( a possible outcome, since it’s the stone furthest away ) is yet another communication stone; intuition, patience, protection especially of feminine energies, creativity, empathy and wisdom.

Put it all together and it means: hold onto the values of what I know to be true: my intentions are good, I am balanced, guided, intuitive, creative, protected and then take those steps that will get me to the next level: trust that I am always in communication with divine source, my intuition and perceptions are in a very high vibration, I am continually cleared and healed. I will get to where I need and want to go through written word and various sources of communication that I haven’t believed in working with before. The guidance says go for it and believe!

I am wanting to offer live Lythomancy reads through messenger or on my YouTube channel that I’m setting up. I’m looking into how to set up PayPal for this.I will be up and running with this as soon as I can!

Or we can do one together live on our phones for right 😁👍🏻

$15 for 15 minute reads Let’s set up a time! Trust me, you all will LOVE working with the stones!!

Have a blessed day❤️

The Journey

Hi all! The last time I posted was way back in June. Since then I have taken many journeys in my life; inward, outward and ever onward. That’s what happens when you work with Moldavite, Phenakite and Star Ruby crystals.

I went to visit my family in NY in July. I My son traveled there too from Chicago. He brought his girlfriend ( fabulous woman!) – we were excited to meet for the first time. It was party time in NY, as it was my niece Riss’s HS graduation. There were many reunions of friends and family! It was a very special time. We had loads of fun! I didn’t want to leave! Should I move ” home” to NY?

Back home in Sioux City a plan was manifesting, seemingly out of the blue! An opportunity to move to Las Vegas! What?!? Yep. My friend found an amazing place, and we talked about moving and living together. Navigating aging and all that comes with it, is much gentler if you travel that road with a friend! Everything just lined up and by the end of August we were on the road starting another journey.

Vegas is marvelous madness and beauty and amazing food and art and mountains and fun! It’s an amazing city. We love our neighborhood.

Of course there are unforeseen challenges; things we could not have known until it rolled out but we are facing them. One exceptionally difficult challenge is that I ( seemingly ) can’t offer my life’s work here! WHAT?? Yep In Vegas, energy work, sound therapy, Lythomancy, crystal energy healing, meditation, aromatherapy ALL of it requires a psychic license, and aim not a psychic! Plus other licenses and my certifications are not acknowledged! Hmm wowza-what now? This is a DEEP journey inward for me as I’ve always been a healer! How do I not do this? What is the Universe saying? My Lythomancy reads on myself have many blue stones in them ( angelite, blue chalcedony, turquoise, sodalite, lapis ) which all indicate communication. I believe I need to offer my healing services in a new ( for me) way. A very wise woman in Sioux City ( hi Amy!) told me BEFORE I left to ” offer Lythomancy reads on YouTube, sell your crystals on line” .

I think I’m ready. So I’m creating a new YouTube channel and will be doing crystal sales on FB with live feeds as well.

What do you all think??

It’s good to be back on the blog

Summer Solstice Solar Plexus

Good morning! To celebrate the Summer Solstice today,I am offering Solar Plexus Power in addition to Chakra Balances and Lythomancy Reads! The Solar Plexus-Manipura-is your 3rd Chakra. It is located in the center of your body, from the belly button to the sternum-inside and outside,front and back. Physically it is your metabolic center, where you gain energy from food. Spiritually it is your power of will,center of strength. If your third Chakra is out of balance it can manifest as digestive issues, fatigue, lethargy. One becomes aware that they are losing their power, their strength, their energy, losing joy. Or it can manifest as over anxious,jittery nervous energy. I will help you with this. Come, get your third Chakra energy balanced! Learn more about Manipura.

Solar Plexus Power 30 mins. $30.

Full Chakra Balance 60 mins $60.

Lithomancy Read 20-30 mins $25

Happy Gemini June/Sag Full Moon!

Hi all! There are some spots available for Lithomancy reads today!

It’s a perfect day for it! 10am 11am and 5:30 spots are open.Its $25 for reading which takes approximately 25-30 mins.

Need some clarity from your angels or spirit guides? Do you feel like the universe is trying to tell you something but your not quite sure what it is? Are you delving deeper into self & your spiritual awareness; or perhaps an entire new path seems to be opening up to you?

Casting crystals are a great way to receive guidance and clarity. Each stone represents a different part of your Chakras, each one has a physical & metaphysical meaning. The color of the stones as well as where they fall when you cast them become the stepping stones of your journey.

Message me in FB Megessence, email me at, respond on this blog or text 712-204-1541 and make an appointment