Full Harvest Moon 9/24/18

Hi! Welcome. Here are the dates and timeframes for appointment availability during The Harvest Full Moon. We are moving toward the Autumnal Equinox.By tuning into the natural rhythms of nature we are reminded that even in the midst of great change there is balance and harmony.

It is the time of The Full Moon -the Out Breath. This time we allow ourselves the release. We give GRATITUDE for the ” harvest” of our intentions-the seeds planted at the time of the New Moon. We give FORGIVENESS. We SHARE of our abundance. We LET GO, let go of any negative aspects in our lives. LET GO of what doesn’t serve the greatest good. We release the breath.

I offer Chakra Harmonic Balance Sessions. This includes Essential Oils, Tuning Forks and Bi-Neural Frequency, Breath & or Toning, and the energy work.

1 hour $60. 1/2 hour focused $30.

*Crystals Are For Sale*

Lithomancy & Meditation also available;private or groups

Thurs 9/20 eve hours. Fri 9/21 eve hours. Sat 9/22 morning hours. Sun 9/23 afternoon. Mon 9/24 eve hours.

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