The New Moon 9/9

Good Evening everyone!

I’m so excited for the 9/9 New Moon! It’s Time for the In -Breath, time to allow ourselves to receive all that wondrous loving energy, the harvest of our intent.

It’s so cool that it’s on 9/9 too! 9 is a number with amazing qualities! When you multiply any number by 9,then add the resulting digits together reducing them to a single number-that number is always 9! Try it, any numbers 8 x 9 =72 7+2=9 or let’s say, 234 x 9 = 2,106 2+1+0+6=9

So,other then cool, in numerology a 9’s meaning brings us to FAITH, and UNIVERSAL LOVE. 9 is initiation, wisdom, karma, enlightenment. It means generosity, humanitarianism, strength of character, life purpose and soul mission.

On Sat 9/8 ALL appointment times for Chakra / Harmonic Balance sessions are FULL! Thank You! I’m so pleased to be with all of you! What a wonderful day of welcoming & healing!

There are still 2 time slots open on Sunday 9/9 an 11am & 12N

There are still 5 spots open for the ” New Moon Grid Meditation, Lithomancy & Wine” event for Sat 9/8. This is an informative, relaxing, intention setting & fun event! $25.00 pp from 7-9pm

I welcome your ideas & feedback as I’m surprised this event is not being filled quickly. On Sun 9/9 the new moon, no one has yet signed up for this eve’s event.

The photo is some of the MOONSTONES, along with some peach ones that will be arriving on SAT! Shout out Cindy in the Hills & Dave’s Rock Shop!

Please respond on this blog, FB Meg essence, messenger, twitter or text / call if you already have the #.

See you soon!

With an open heart, Meg❤️

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