Welcome To NEW

Breathe in the sweet fresh air. Breathe in the energy the new moon brings. Allow yourself to receive the energy of your intentions.

I offer now the opportunity to guide your preparation for the new moon! This New Moon is on Sept 9th! I love to work with these energies, the gravitational pull, the frequency & the illumination of the moon cycles.

I will be offering a variety of appointments for the New Moon cycle.

*Monday ( Labor Day) 9/4 & Tues 9/5 day & eve hours available

*Sat 9/8 & Sun 9/9 the New Moon,day hours available with group meditation in the eve.

This is the menu.

*Charkra Harmonic Balance – A lovely, amazing session that involves breath or tone, tuning forks, harmonic frequency, crystals, essential oils and energy work. To have all of it you need 1 hour.$60.00

Individualized Focused 1/2 hour sessions available.


* Lithomancy – The prophetic casting if Stones. You may record / photograph. 15-30 mins $15-$30 individuals

* Group-“Grid Meditation Lithomancy & Wine”session will be offered on both Sat 9/8 & Sun 9/9 beginning at 7pm – 9:15 pm.

*With respect,please,be considerate of everyone’s time and BE on time. TY. Please book ASAP especially with friends & family,as this fills quickly! Bring your own crystals to add to the grid if you wish.

We will create a crystal grid and go over why particular placement and stones are being used. Then we will be seated and move into sound frequency. I will then guide the new moon meditation. After that, we will pour some wines and do the Lithomancy part of the night. First,done as a group, to learn of what this New Moon brings in general, then about a 5min sample read per person. It’s an insightful, relaxing and fun eve. $25 pp

It will be great to work with many if you again from near and far! Blessings all!

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