Truth Transformation

Hi everyone. It’s been months since I’ve shared with you all; my spiritual family, my clients, my friends. Of course Ive been able to be with some of you for appointments,but we really had to commit to creating time (really!) to get together with 4 am appointments and a few Sunday afternoons. We’ve all had to be quite busy-on this 3D plane affecting change in a variety of ways. Right now everyone seems spent and tired, in need of a powerful reset. Individual lives, our nation, indeed the world has turned on a dime and before we knew it,turned again.

As for me I was very proud to be physically able to take on FT again, which Ive done since April. This of course quickly turned into 1 FT job,1 PT project oriented job & my own work. This is now transforming again. I am choosing to move on to somewhere else and letting go of the particular FT position I had.

Truth,Transformation and Change. That’s what this weekend’s powerful Full Moon was about! Thank you to those who came for the Full Moon Group “Grid,Meditation, Lithomancy & Wine” session last night. It was awesome and fun! The Moon effects our tides, and tides forever go in & out.

I offer now the opportunity to guide your preparation for the new moon! This New Moon is on Sept 9th! I love to work with these energies, the gravitational pull, the frequency & the illumination of the moon cycles. Think of the New Moon as a time for a fresh breath-the in breath, being open to receive; and the Full Moon as the out breath-letting go, releasing that which we no longer need. I will be offering a variety of appointments for the New Moon cycle beginning Monday ( Labor Day) 9/4 & Tues 9/5 day & eve hours available.Then again on Sat 9/8 & Sun 9/9 the New Moon.

This is the menu.

*Charkra Harmonic Balance – A lovely, amazing session that involves breathe or tone, tuning forks, harmonic frequency, crystals, essential oils and energy work. To have all of it you need 1 hour.$60.00

Individualized Focused 1/2 hour sessions available. $35.00

* Lithomancy – The prophetic casting if Stones. You may record / photograph. 15-30 mins $15-$30 individuals

* A NEW MOON Group Grid Meditation Lithomancy & Wine session will be offered on both Sat 9/8 & Sun 9/9 beginning at 7pm – 9:15 pm.

*With respect,please,be considerate of everyone’s time and BE on time. TY. Please book ASAP especially with friends & family,as this fills quickly! Bring your own crystals to add to the grid if you wish.

We will create a crystal grid and go over why particular placement and stones are being used. Then we will be seated and move into sound frequency. I will then guide the new moon meditation. After that, we will pour some wines and do the Lithomancy part of the night. First,done as a group, to learn of what this New Moon brings in general, then about a 5min sample read per person. It’s an insightful, relaxing and fun eve. $25 pp

It will be great to work with many if you again from near and far! Blessings all!

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