Full Moon 2 & 3 Chakra Balance

The Full Moon in Gemini 12/2 & 3. Each Full Moon is a time for

a) Gratitude-for the seedlings emerging from what was planted during the new moon.

b) Letting Go-of that which we no longer need.

Chakra Balance Appointments including sound frequency therapy / binaural beats & crystal grid-work are available with Meg during the New & Full Moons. Please respond here through my blog, FB, messenger or text/call for your appointment. $30.00 for 1/2 hr $60.00 for 1 hour. Gift Cards available.

This Gemini Full Moon is all about making that decision & TAKE ACTION! When you DO it will be like walking through the magical door in Narnia and a whole new EVERYTHING will occur,and will change your life FAWEVAaaaa ( that’s the NY spelling of forever)!

Gemini is Fun & Communicative & Inspiring and this Full Moon will transform your life,your way of thinking,if you take action.

The Sun illuminating the Full Moon, is in Sagittarius which is all about higher realms of knowledge, connections and finding the truth- and implementing it; its about shooting your arrow far and powerfully.

Put this together, let go of what you no longer need: perhaps doubt, indecision, worry, fear – choose, decide, take aim, and take action! Trust and let the magical transformation begin! Be inspired, get turned on, walk through the doorway!!

I hope to share the energy if this Full Moon with you!


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