End of year Appointments

I ll be offering Full Moon and New Moon Appointments.

Full Moon is a good time to offer gratitude and prepare to let go of what we no longer need.

The New Moon is time to set intentions for what we want to bring into our experiences.

Release Receive

November Full Moon Sat 11/4, 2-6 & Sun 11/5, 2-6.

New Moon Sat 11/18, 2-6 & Sun 11/19, 2-6

December Full Moon Sat 12/2 2-6 & Sun 12/3, 2-6

New Moon Sun 12/17 2-6.

Yule Winter Solstice Meditation 12/21 7:00 pm

January; we have 2 Full Moons! Tues 1/2/2018 7-10 pm. Wed 1/31 7-10 pm.

New Moon Wed 1/17 7-10 pm

10 thoughts on “End of year Appointments

  1. Hi Meg I want to make an appointment but I don’t really know what I need so I don’t know if i should go new/full moon can you advise me please?


    • Hi Jill Either one for you really. Release Receive are of the same circle. Often when we want to receive something into our experience, we need to release something. Both Moons are a strong energy time. Full is for putting forth gratitude for what did or perhaps didn’t show up in our experience and the time frame after the full Moon is a wonderful time to let go.Then the New Moons are time for setting intentions of what we want to bring into our experience.So Either one. Feel it in your “ gut” or heart Center. You will know.


      • 3:15 is perfect. It is 60.00 for the hour. I have a client before you. I will not be able to answer phone to ring you into the building before that. You can bring Lisa. I do have client at 4:30, so I think instead much talk you’d prefer the energy of the work, the sound therapy and your setting your own intentions-guided and empowered by the aforementioned energies. Setting your intention in peaceful meditative state is more powerful then talking through it. And she may come none the less if course


    • It’s the Call Button and then 205 I so look forward to seeing you! And hi to Lisa for me!! I didn’t hear what she ended up doing / choosing. I gather she still in states then? Blessings for you both! 😘


      • This time, after the full moon- the waning moon, is a time for releasing for letting go. Perhaps feel what is that you could let go of, perhaps fears or limiting belief patterns, or perhaps its attachment to a specific outcome, whatever.You can meditate a bit and offer the universe/ Creator/guides / angels – “ I let go of that which I no longer need – so as I may be open to receive all blessings coming my way.” Or something like that that feels good to you. This way you can do a bit of soul prep work before our work together


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