Available Appointments

Good morning all! Appointments are available the last 3 weekends of both August and September, both Saturdays and Sundays. Day and Eve. The Summer Special ends the last Sunday of August so please look ahead and book an appointment, you will love this experience!
Summer Special – A 1/2 hour Chakra Balance including Sound Therapy, AND a Lythomancy Journey Read ( the casting of stones ) $35. Saves you $20! GC are available for this service.
Lythomancy – 15 mins $15
A great experience for Friday Fun after work! Add it to your girls night out! Appointments start at 6:30 on beautiful downtown Historic 4th St!
Summer 17 essence special – "S17"
A delightful citrus green lightly floral summer blend. Uplifting.Also helps w Anxiety, & ADD. Can also be used in winter for SAD. Just because we LOVE it! Includes notes of Blood Orange, Petitgrain, Geranium Rose. 1/2 oz roll on $13.

Custom essence Formulas,Chakra Balance Sound Frequency Therapy,
Lythomancy, Meditation, Crystals,Work-shops, Speaking engagements, all available for your optimal wellness and enhanced awareness.
Contact me through this blog or my FB page Meg essence or twitter.
Many blessings! Enjoy the summer!

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