Body Harmonics

Using Tuning forks, binaural beats, chanting,humming, and experimental sound helps heal. I'm working on myself this weekend.I started with meditation and breath. Then listening / hearing. Then, some " Element Listening", listening to the changing elements of sound as they evolve in this area. For example – the current drought affects sound differantly in nature today, I hear wind, and a crispy sound in the leaves on the trees. What is the pitch of that sound, or of the song of the birds. What is the timber of the sound/s, speed, volume? How do you feel when you listen to that; or to paper and garbage blowing down an alley? Then silence…. the sound of silence  ( so profound they wrote a song about it;).

Something fun Im doing is the framework for an experimental sound / performance art kind of workshop.It would be mostly improvisational. We can use our voice. We can explore kitchen sonics (pots, utensils, water in jars / bottles plastic, cardboard etc); and  trash sonics (things we can bring in from the street that others have thrown out.) Lastly ( I think) we can use percussion instruments, and instruments. 

So what are you listening too? 

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