Lithomancy  Journey Reads

Lythomancy is the casting of stones; great as a map/guide for your journey. These 2 reads are quite powerful!  The first one shows-through facing ones own truth healing begins,(selenite and chrysocholla) awareness grows, compassion ( green calcite) w/ love of self and others through service- furthers enlightens ones abilities ( Lemurian) will ( Citrine) and more expression of truth and compassion/ forgiveness and round spiraling up to higher communication with spirit guides angels,(Rainbow Phantom Clear) God & Goddess ( Peach Moonstone) Theresa of Avila came through really strong for this individual. The 2nd one shows Powerful vibration and Spirituality as healer / guide with certainty, strength and love – someone who knows what they are doing,is in contact with their guides;as represented by Moldavite,Green Calcite and Clear Quartz. The outcome could be an opportunity, financial strength – standing on ones own 2 feet in this opportunity,doing what one loves as guided by and with protection the Garnet and Star Ruby. The Amythyst at the top says ” go for it!”Try a Lithomancy read!! 15 mins $ 15.00 Check out the available days and times for appointments on this blog!

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