Meditation,Ink & Lithomancy

Celebration Meditation with Concious Ink Inspirational Temporary Tattoos! The empowering messages received with this meditation,will support you in celebrating your life!  We will be seated among the Crystals. Sage and Palo Santos  stabilizes the airwaves.The meditation will begin as we tune into ourselves and surroundings with sound frequency vibration and binaural beats. We will have clarity in choosing our  affirmation tattoo. Then. breath work and toning, moving into meditation,putting attention on our inspiring, transformational words.We will set our intentions to create and manifest our desires! What is yours – acceptance, health,  gratitude, for our beautiful earth,or water,air- breath,for love,joy…?

A 3 stone Lithomancy read for each person is included and will follow the meditation. 

Light refreshment available

Sunday March 19th 1:00    $20.00

essential oils, formulas and limited edition  ” nuesence ” #s 1&2 available

 PLEASE express your commitment to attend via TEXT ONLY  

 TEXT TO 712 204-1541 TY

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