ImboLc CandLemas

Loving & sharing Gratitude for  this most gorgeous  weather here in Sioux Ia

During this midtime between the Yule / Winter Solstice & the return of the sun / light / enlightenment,we experience Imolc or  Candlemas. This midtime goes from 2/2 /2017 until the 1st day of Spring 3 /22  Equinox /Rebirth / Easter


 20 New Oils are arriving for my creation of Nuesence,to celebrate the gentle signs of early spring. 2 limited edition gift packages will include

1  2oz Spritzer  for * hair *body *room *linen *car

  1   1/3 Roll-on   &  1  1/2 Jar in Almond Butter Creme    48.

Nuesence 1-deep roots rise to green herbaceous notes,as the warmth of daylight gently steams the morning dew.lime leaves top this blend

   Nuesence 2 -resonant to gentle spring florals pop with effervescent italian lemon and                                 pink grapefruit

Make an appointment to CREATE your Custom Signature essence! BE part of the CREATION!


Text or Call or FB private message to order or make a time to come by!




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